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How has twenty one pilots affected your life? Share your story.


  1. I could take a few hours and write a 10 page paper on it. But long story short, idk if I’d be loving without them.

    • Oh, and I’m moriah_renne and twentyonepilots_stayalive_ from Instagram

    • These guys have inspired me to write music. I can honestly almost relate with every single song Tyler Joseph has written. He has truly help me find some inspiration. Along with me overcoming my depression. I have struggled trying to play instruments. As the guitar had one for years, but it just wasn’t me. I always though the drums would be something I would be great at, but I have truly seen the best way to express my thoughts with music on a keyboard. So thank both of you for making amazing music

    • That’s funny because I actually am writing a 10 page paper on Twenty One Pilots for school

    • I’ll make this short and to the point I guess. I don’t wanna write an essay but let’s just say Im in a dark place and they’re my purpose.

    • ok so im christian, but im also gay. i have frequent struggles with my mind that leave me crying at 1 am because im not christian enough. im not straight. my attraction to girls makes me an outcast of the church. its gotten so bad that ive contemplated suicide. one time i was extremely close. i had the method. it was very plausible. i could have done it. i could be dead right now. however, lovely by tøp was playing in the background. right as i realized what i was about to do, i heard the lyrics “wont you stay alive. i will make you believe you are lovely.” i proceeded to step back and break down in tears. ever since then, those lyrics, and many other tøp songs, have ensured the fact that i stay alive.

      • Don’t you ever give up. God values you And loves you more than you can know. Ya know, he made Tyler and Josh the way they are with all their talents because he knew that they’d touch all these peoples lives with their music. He knew that you would hear that song, and you would not kill yourself. “For I know the plans I have for you’ declares the Lord ‘plans to prosper you and NOT to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”- Jerimiah 29:11. You are loved. you are valued. You have a purpose. I’ll be praying for you! :) Thank you so much for sharing your story!! |-/

      • wow I’m so happy that you didn’t kill yourself
        stay alive my fren

      • exactly the same but im not gay im bi

      • Hey freind, your story is so inspiring. The power of twenty one pilots is so substantial and surreal, the lives they have saved is just incredible. I experience severe anxiety and sometimes find myself unable to do anything but listen to them, some people that i talk to do not realise how helpful they really are. They help me realise that I’m not alone. I can think to Tyler’s words and i can breathe to Josh’s beat. I am currently writing an essay on TOP’s effect on struggling youth and was wondering if you’d be ok with me using your story as an examle of their positive impact? I would really appreciate it :) .

        Thanks for staying alive and don’t ever give up.

        Always stay true to yourself, Power to the Local Dreamer |-/

        Thanks, Charlie

      • Victoria (Christopher)

        June 7, 2016 at 6:48 pm

        You have no idea how happy I am to read this. I am so glad that you are alive to share your story. I myself have been weaving in and out of religion, as I am not entirely sure how I feel about the bible in it’s entirety (and I always hear that you MUST believe it all to be a true Christian), but it was actually my girlfriend who brought me back to the church. She was my best friend for a long time and when we started dating, she brought me to her church and the pastor was the most accepting Christian that I have ever met, inspiring me to come back. My girlfriend and I heard twenty one pilots for the first time together as friends and we both related so well to the lyrics and the message, that we became closer spiritually. I have recently come to terms with myself and found that I am actually transgender, and for some reason, I have always had this irrational fear that there were no other twenty one pilots fans that could possibly be any form of LGBT and a Christian. It feels like the battle with your heart and mind is never-ending, but I promise that this life will be worth living. It really inspired me to read your story. I’m so glad you’re here. Stay Alive. |-/

      • Hey I’m a little late but it’s gonna be ok. Here we all love you. We’ll hold your hand and help you through everything. Stay alive so we can help other people that want to leave. |-/

    • Hey frens. Is here somebody who wants to talk with me about jishwa and the smol bean and their great music? Just reply ur snapchat, i’ll add you

      Stay alive |-/

    • It’s hard to explain how much they mean to me. I feel like the words “I love you” just aren’t enough. They gave me the power to try to save myself. They told me to stay alive. In that 2:22 long song they told me to stay alive. They told me that tomorrow is another day. So I decided to stop wishing I’d die in my sleep. I decided to start getting help. If you are readying this Tyler and Josh, I hope you know how many lives you’ve saved. This is a community of people who support and love each other. And through your music, you’ve brought us together. Thank you.

    • Ever since I heard stressed out on the radio, twenty one pilots has been my fave band. Their music is so beautiful. I recently saw their concert, and I was really sad when it was over. My perfect weekend is reading and listening to their songs. They are the perfect duo. l-/

    • Kynleigh Has Stayed Alive

      July 12, 2016 at 12:52 am

      I Can write a Song. But, My feelings are not strong enought to do that…I feel everyones Pain…And My pain Goes away when I listen to TWENTY ØNE PILOTS!!! Sorry I have feelings too…

  2. Josh and Tyler’s music has really had a positive influence on the way I view myself and my depression. I’ve never heard songs about mental illness before that are obviously trying to make a change in the listener’s life, and listening to their songs make me feel empowered, not more sad. Their music also made me realize I’m not alone, I’m part of a whole clique just like me. Skeleton clique forever, I-/

    -from @lostintheusa

  3. (twentyonepilotspics on Instagram) my name is Emily and twenty one pilots has literally saved my life. I love the idea of this fan page and I’m looking forward to watching it grow and for us pilots to connect. Stay alive, friends |-/

  4. I found out about Twenty | One | Pilots when I heard they were opening for FOB, which was about a week or two before the actual concert. I didn’t realize that the song stuck in my head, House of Gold, was by them. House of Gold was the first song I youtubed. I don’t remember which songs I looked up, but I remember thinking, “Whoa, they’re pretty cool.” It was in October that I actually spent until the early morning youtubing their songs. I’ve sort of been in a fragile state since the summer, and their songs literally gave me strength. I started realizing how violent silence was to me, so when I’m scared or nervous, I hum their songs. Tyler and Josh make me smile and laugh and want to be humble like them. And the skeletøn clique is so cool. I’ve met so many sick people. And the concert on 11-10, that was amazing, don’t get me started. I’m still going through post-concert depression. In a nutshell, I’m staying alive because of them. I freakin’ adore them (:
    Btw, I’m @lexx_jaylene on IG (:

  5. Twenty One Pilots have changed my life. Their music has truely inspired me to be a better person and to live life in a hopeful matter. Tyler’s words have helped me to understand that there is a greater love in this world and that is something to stay alive for. I love this clique sø much and thank you for this amazing fan page!

    - @kirstinmariec


  6. I heard about this band through a friend a while back and it has really helped me to get through a lot of things now that I am just starting high school. I’ve been having problems with a friend recently and Tyler and Josh’s inspirational words have been telling me to hold on and stay strong which i think is helping me deal with her ignorance. Depression is something that can be fixed in such a simple way: Twenty One Pilots. THANK YOU TYLER AND JOSH!

  7. I found twenty one pilots when I saw them at mud island. I found out they were opening for Panic! At the Disco who was opening for Fall Out Boy. The whole reason I was at the concert was to see Fall Out Boy I’ve been a fan of them for 8 or 9 years now. The guy in front of me said he was there just for 21 pilots. I told him I had no idea who they were. Once I heard their talent and the wonderful music and lyrics that had a real meaning I was hooked. I am looking forward to seeing Tyler and Josh in concert again. Their lyrics really speak. I am for sure hooked on this wonderful band. Holding On To You, Migraine, and Guns For Hands and Car Radio are for sure my favorite songs by them. Can’t wait to see where this awesome band goes and I’ll be behind them.

    @jreedy14 on Instagram

  8. My instagram is @top__fans
    Anyways twenty|one|pilots literally saved me. I was about to give up on my dream of singing because its unrealistic but tyler & josh started from no where so why cant i. If i dont make it , at least i tried and i can only thank them for that. I havnt cut myself (yes i do that) since i went to their concert… Every time i feel like giving up i listen to their music and just write. I could write so much more but yeah idk if i would be here without them.

    • Chameleon The Rapper

      July 11, 2016 at 4:48 pm

      I know it’s late, but I feel the same way. I write music for a duo as well as myself (rock and hip hop, respectively). I was on the verge of deleting all of my creative work when I realized if they can do it, so can I.

  9. Tyler and Josh: he and him

    Take a Second and Think

    Lets pretend for a second, if only for the slightest, and think. Yes think. Don’t blink, just think, think about all of the stuff going on around us. The drugs, the punks, the fuss. Think about how, if you don’t do anything, dont shout, just stay home to pout, how nothing would change. Not your name, not your fame. Not the waining hope in us. Plus, the crap in the world would remain unchanged, lives going to waste with not but a single taste, of what it’s like, to sit peacefully on a bike. Just appreciating life! Not worrying, not stressing over what people think of you, not thinking of what to do to look cool, to fit in. Because why does it matter. Who do you want to flatter. Just for a moment don’t think about the latter. Think about what’s the matter and how the mad hatter is as mad as ever thinking he is clever. Oh but never did he see. The one, the little one, the one who was forever to be, to be the savior of you and me. He heard, and answered our plea, answered when we were in the most need. When we were running out of blood to bleed. He didnt think the always thought thoughts, he thought new thoughts, thoughts worth thinking. New and improved, the one that was once removed came back. That’s a fact, and it wasn’t an act. He gathered a friend, and made amends. He made it, the only it worth over a little bit. After the one, the faithful first one, the rest followed. Followed one after another, hoping to discover a new perspective, a new elective. The broken, the lost, the ripped to pieces. all of them and their innocent little nieces.Changing them he began to change them all. The darkness will eventually fall, leaving him and them, the ones who put the hem on life, on the world, on society! It’s changed now and everyone can finally see, what the truth is, what they were meant to be, WHO they were meant to be. They can finally see, so how about we, follow them. We are close, we can smell it on our nose. So us followers of him and his friend, lets gain followers, and stay strong until the very end.

    Sorry for lack of grammer, the thoughts were sort if just pouring out if you know what I mean.

  10. Really good band!

    • They are so amazing.
      Meaningful lyrics.
      Tyler’s voice is slaying.
      Josh plays these drums so hard.
      His hair is magic. ;)
      When I’m sad, I just listen to one of their songs and I feel better.
      I know some people in this clique have problems with suicide and depression. I’m just a happy girl who listens to tøp songs all day long.
      But we all love this two talented guys |-/

  11. Twenty one pilots, you could say, has made me who I am. they’re my favorite band, and their words have helped me through so much. if I didn’t have them, I don’t know what I would do. their words help me cope with depression much more than anything else could.

  12. hey! i’m Michaela. I went to Paramore’s concert about 13 days ago, and I got told that Twenty One Pilots were headlining. obviously I looked them up before through FBR, and I thought they were pretty rad. after the concert I was completely hooked on their music. I related so well. I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia when I was 14 after 4 years of confusion and sadness. so what Tyler talks about in his songs has already made me so strong in my heart that i’m not alone and i can do this. its amazing how much these two guys have actually inspired me in 2 weeks. apart of the clique forever |-/

  13. Tyler has some pretty radical views on self control. He makes fantastic points tho. I watch an interview were he say essentially he’s “messed up” and so is everyone else really, because he says he should be able to control himself from kicking over a lamp (there was a lamp in the room) because he has self control and that is easy for him, but he also wants to be the best brother he can be and since he has self control with the lamp why cant he have self control for deciding to be the best brother he can be, but at the same time he isn’t the best brother and he says that’s messed up. I think this brings up an interesting topic. Does that mean were messed up? Is there factors that apply to the lamp and him being a good brother that hes not accounting for? I think Tyler’s a fucking genius, but I’d like to know what you guys think.

    • YES! That was my favorite part of the interview because it brings you to the point of those standards, really EVERYONE is messed up

      • Do you guys have a link to this? It sounds so interesting and Tyler says the coolest things, just like this. He makes us think and its neat.

  14. Hey que tal! Espero que puedan entenderme, tenía flojera de escribir en inglés. Soy de México, concí la música de Tyler y Joseph hace unos pocos meses. Tengo 16 años. No les había prestado mucha atención hasta hace un tiempo y la verdad me enamoré de sus letras. Hace un mes mi papá fue diagnosticado con cáncer. Hace una semana mi novio y yo rompimos. No me sentía deprimida pero si necesitaba algo para distraer esos sentimientos feos. Me di cuenta del realismo de las letras de cada canción. Ellos dos son un tipo de inspiración y apoyo para mi, se siente bien saber que hay alguien que habla de depresión e intenta hacer sentir bien a las personas que los escuchan. Gracias por leerme!

  15. It’s really hard to say something on this fan site and have it stand out. It seems that all of the people commenting have been affected in some huge way by this phenomenal band, and they all want to share it with the world. But it’s frustrating how little the world is affected by it. This band has affected me on such a substantial level, and I want to let them know how much they’ve really changed by life. But there are thousands of people who have already told them the same words. In one of his interviews, Tyler describes the frustration of being a fan. He explains how a band can dramatically change the life of a fan, but the fan doesn’t affect the lives of the band members in any way. If I were to meet Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun on the street, I would immediately give them the biggest hug I’ve ever put out there, and I would explain how much they have influenced my life. Through their relation to people’s problems, through their awe inspiring poetry, and through their modesty, twenty one pilots has made me feel more normal. But I know that they have heard those words a thousand different times from a thousand different people. And that is the most accomplishing thing a musician can ask for, yet they remain so humble. They need to be made aware of the miracles they have brought to the lives of many people like me.
    Thank you, twenty one pilots, for making me believe that I belong.

    • You couldn’t of said it better. I’ve always wondered how they can be so inspiring to others and how much they’ve done for so many people like us. To remind us that we are not alone, that there is hope beyond the demons and the darkness and that we can make it through together. They know what we are experiencing and how we feel and what we go through in this life. Their messages in their music and interviews and just their character are a message of hope and happiness and understanding to others. It’s funny how they are such an influence for so many lives but the fans can’t influence them. And it’s sooo frustrating to know that they have so many fans so your words seem insignificant to them because they are so important to so many others. I just wish that they knew how awe-inspiring they’ve been to me throughout my life and how their music has lifted me up so many times and has told me that I am not alone in my struggle. I would be so shaken if I could them how much they mean to me in person, to make them realize how much they mean to us all.

    • That is so true

  16. Hello! I’m Evi also known as @ttwentyooneppilots on Instagram. I have gone through many things recently. I discovers TOP in 5th grade so about 2 years ago but 3 in April. I just recently went to my first concert, I cried, a lot. I got the tickets for my birthday about 2 weeks ago. It’s been a week since the concert. It was on September 19. It was the first time coming into contact with clique members. I met so many it was overwhelming. Tyler and josh came out and I burst into tears. After the show I met Tyler. I had made a poster and gave it to him. He liked it, a lot. I might as well have died. I tried to tell him my story but the security was shoving me along. So here is my story. Right around when I discovered them was right around the time I started being bullied. I was burnt down by all of the hate. I was called ugly, stupid, unwanted. I was in a very bad place. I didn’t feel wanted. After this my parents got divorced. It began to where every night I would cry myself to sleep. When 6th grade rolled around the bullying started to stop little by little. I met a group of friends and everything kind of evened out. The only really bad thing that happened that year was my dog died. So I guess what I’m trying to say is it all gets better. I’m happy again when I thought I never would. I wish you all luck on your battles. ENJOY LIFE! Stay alive and stay street |-/

  17. When it got a concussion, it wasn’t just a bump on the head. It tuned my whole world upside down. I was left alone, confused, and scared for my life. I wasn’t allowed having any music, no social interaction for over 90 days. I was stuck alone with my thoughts and I just couldn’t put words to it. My depression and anxiety deepened while my physical pain grew and I was becoming hopeless. The silence was deafening. When I first discovered Car Radio, I burst out crying. It was exactly what I was trying to express and it hit home for me. I took Tyler and Josh into my life and they became my only friends. There music was there for me when others weren’t, and I felt like I could conquer the world with them by my side. When my demons come I the surface, I feel hopeful because I know I have twenty one pilots supporting me. I am so thankful for them and they are without a doubt one of the main reasons I’m still here today. For me, they represent happiness. I’m a løcal dreamer. |-/


    • So in 2012 I got a concussion playing soccer. For the first month of the injury, I went through what’s called cacoon therapy (spending your day and night in a dark, silent room to help the brain heal). During this time, I felt alone. I hadn’t had any contact with God for years after my parents’ divorce, and I had no outlet for my emotions. For my whole life, soccer had been my outlet and that was gone, FOR 9 MONTHS. I lost my outlet for 9 months and didn’t know what to do. After I began to play soccer again, I still felt alone. That whole experience of injury scarred me. I didn’t have God, or anyone else to talk to about my problems. Then I bought tickets to go see Fall Out Boy and Panic! in Brooklyn and realized that there was a third band I had never heard of. They were called twenty one pilots. I checked them out on YouTube and immediately fell in love with their sound. I downloaded all of their music while sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to go on vacation with my dad for the first time after the injury (I couldn’t travel with the concussion) and listened to their music the whole plane ride. I LISTENED to their lyrics and felt whole again. I found a second outlet and I’ve never lost it. With the help of Tyler and Josh, and a Younglife camp I went to in 2014, I reestablished my relationship with God. Since then, I’ve never been happier. Thank you twenty one pilots for helping me not feel alone. The skeleton clique is sick as frick and I love them for also helping me feel special. T|-/ANK YOU |-/ stay alive clique. Power to the local dreamer!

  18. I respect so much of what twentyone pilots represents and what they have done to help those with problems , especially guns for hands was a big influential song to me and if it wasn’t for them I Wouldn’t be here telling my story. Stay alive |-/
    IG: cloudz_n_comets

  19. i only discovered twenty one pilots a little over a year ago when they went on tour with fall out boy. i only listened to the six songs on the setlist so i would be familiar with them when i saw them live but i really really got into car radio and guns for hands in the beginning. car radio just made me feel a way i had never felt before it gave me such a rush and it only took me a few days to get the words down perfectly. after the save rock and roll concert i started looking into them more and fell in love more and more song after song, there was an actual point in my life where i would listen to trees for four hours at a time. i really started getting into their self titled and regional at best around december of last year. the lyrics just made me feel so okay, like this is all okay this is all making me feel okay i. am. okay. i drowned myself in their music and wrote the lyrics anywhere i could and then april rolls around and a dream comes true. april 3rd, 2014 was my concert and my day. before the show, i ran into josh before the show and honest to god it was one of the greatest moments of my life. we just talked. and talked. and talked. it felt like we talked forever and he was the only thing that mattered on this earth and we just talked. hugs and pictures were fun but i got to talk to this man that is a part of this giant thing in my life. absolutely indescribable. the show happens and i cry and i dance and i scream and i sing and celebrate everything. show ends, two and a half hours on the cold concrete in my dads jacket later, i am in the arms of the man that saved my life. i waited and waited then i waited some more, then i ran into tyler josephs arms like he was oxygen and i was trapped under water. josh recognizes me and smiles and i hug him and i am so happy i cant breathe and tyler says to me “thank you for everything” nothing mattered at all. absolutely nothing. these men and their music saved my life 100% and they mean everything

    ig: melanielane28

  20. A couple months ago, July of this year, I woke up with the song “Friend, Please” stuck in my head. Getting TOP songs stuck in my head was (and still is) a normal occurrence since I usually listen to their music to fall asleep at night. This day was different, though. It looped all day long in my head. Every verse, all day long. I couldn’t get it out of my head. Even listening to other songs didn’t help; all I could hear was Friend, Please. So towards the end of the day, I did a “Song Of The Day” on twitter, and posted that song with lyrics. I then woke up the next day, thought nothing of it, and continued on with my life.
    Then, about two weeks ago, I had a deep conversation with my best friend. I had known for a while that she’s been suffering with depression, but since we live 3 hours apart, there wasnt much I could do to help other than reassure her that I’m always a text away if she ever needs to talk. It isnt much, but its all I had at such a long distance. The conversation dealt with her depression, and how she (and I) had self-harmed, and how worthless she feels. It was a heavy, dark topic, and was difficult for us both to talk about, but I knew it was necessary. Towards the end of it, she finally brings up the elephant in the room–suicide. It wasnt what I expected, though: She reassured me that she will never do that, and then proceeded to explain why..
    Three months ago-late June-was when her depression started to become worse and worse. I could tell her spirit was drooping lower and lower, but was unsure of what to do, so I just kept my fingers crossed and hoped it would improve. She hasn’t been telling me the whole story, though. She lacked motivation in life and truly believed that no one would miss her if she was gone. She believed suicide was her only escape from it all, and had planned a day to do it, all the while never informing me of her intentions. The day she planned drew closer and she became obsessed with the idea; she couldn’t distract herself from it if she tried. It didn’t matter what she did to bitsy her mind, she consistently went back to the thought of her killing herself.
    Two nights before the day she had planned it, she decided to get on the internet. She got on get laptop nightly, despite the fact that she couldn’t stay focused anymore. Normally she would browse tumblr, but that night she decided to check twitter instead. She knows that I often post rap songs (not her favorote genre by any means), so she normally scrolls past any songs I tweet. That night, however, she decided to click it. And on that night, a few before she was going to take her life, she heard the song Friend, Please for the first time – the song that had been stuck in my head all day. And on that night, through the lyrics, she finally realized that I need her in my life. She finally realized that her life has worth, even if its only to be my rock in the world. She finally realized that she couldn’t take her life. She was able to let go of the thought of suicide.

    Some would say it was all a coincidence; that it was just luck that the song had been stuck in my head all day, just luck that she checked twitter instead of tumblr, pure luck that she decided to listen to the song instead of scrolling past it like always. But I believe in my heart that it was a greater force that led this all to happen.

    So, my story isnt about me directly, but it is about one of the most important people in my life. I cant express in words how thankful I am to the man that spoke to her in a way I was unable to. Twenty One Pilots saved the life of my best friend. Without them, I wouldn’t have her today; I would be a lost, confused soul left in this world without my other half.

    • Now i was just scrolling though the fan comments and how twenty one pilots effected peoples lives but for some reason yours caught my attention. Now you probably aren’t going to read this but i feel like i just have to respond. Even if you read it or not. But what you did what you had posted is not luck. no. What you did is like any person would do. They liked a song the lyrics were stuck so they let it out and tweeted it. I would do that too. But if i did i would be tweeting non-stop. Sometimes you do something just to lt it out but sometimes wha you did turned into something you didn’t see coming.
      your friend reminded me of my sister. Because my sister has depression she is six years older then me. And she listens to that punk rock . like Bring Me The Horizen and bands like that. So one day i got home and the tv was turned on and was on a music channel where it just plays random music videos as i sat on the couch to watch what music video was playing it was song that kinda reminded me of my sisters punk rock music. The music video that was playing was of car radio. It just had me siting there asking questions like whats the meaning of this song? So sense the tv channel just kept going and playing random songs . So i didnt know the name of the song or the name of the band. After i kept telling my sister this one song and that it just wouldnt get out of my head so the lyrics were at the tip of my tounge and so im like its twenty one pilots but my sisters like thats not a band so i assumed she would now but one day it would just not get out of my head so i searched twenty one pilots after that i just found all these songs from vessel. This was all last october. Now i have a band tee and the new album. But my sister has depression and my sister now also sometimes listens to them, but as you know sometimes there lyrics arent so happy and they put me in sad spots they do the same with my sister and i was wondering if you would give me some advice on helping my sister
      insta: yatzia_10

    • Wow. Going through and reading all these amazing testimonies of how Tyler and Josh’s music has /really/ saved countless lives is nothing short of incredible- as a member of this sick clique I am so thankful and hopeful for the future, for all of us. We are all here for a reason. All of us matter. And I believe with every ounce of blood in my heart that you’re right, Kelsey. There is no way in a million that your posting was in accident…a greater force is definitely at work here, no doubt in my mind! I may not personally be able to attest to your beliefs about life, but as a Christian, like Tyler and Josh, :) I truly feel that God knows the details of all of our lives, cares about us, and is there- esp when we need it most! <3 I believe He knew just the right song for just the right time, He's good like that! XD thank you do much for sharing your amazing story and for being there for your friend; it's an inspiration to all of us to #stayalive!! :D Godspeed and stay street my friend! |-/ :)

    • Woah.. That’s really awesome. It’s amazing what music can do.

  21. twenty one pilots. those three words get my heart racing and give me goosebumps and my stomach tosses and turns and all these memories and words and music flash through my head, and its crazy because all they are are three little words. how can three words mean so much to a person? I’m glad that i can type this up right now, at three in the morning when words just come a bit easier, because i don’t think spoken words suffice in this instance. I’m not really sure where to start with this but for a long time, I had been dealing with this immense sadness, and i would live inside my mind in the same place where these demons live, causing not ripples but tremendous waves of sadness all the time. and i can’t find the words to explain it but I had never felt more alone, more lost, like i was walking and walking inside this never-ending desert that i call my mind and i just wanted to get to the exit but it was nowhere to be found and suddenly i was in a sea and i was drowning and one day, a hand appeared and it reached inside and pulled me out of the sea and that hand was twenty one pilots. their music is what saved me when i was drowning. because finally, i found the words to understand what i was feeling and not only could i relate to their music but it gave me power. it gave me the courage and the strength to get up every morning when i wanted nothing more than to sleep forever. and now, when i start to get lost in my mind i can just put in my earphones and listen to twenty one pilots and i find myself again. its insane because all it is is a bunch of words sewn together by someone who gets it, someone who understands those feelings that i had so much trouble describing but it reminds me that I’m not alone. the music flowing out of my earphones, while it may be intangible, gives me strength. and i hope you all find the strength that twenty one pilots helped me find.

    instagram; aashnalal

  22. I’ve never felt the way I do with this band about anything else. I never thought two people I’ve never met could mean as much to me as Tyler, Josh, and the rest of the T.O.P. crew. And I really wish I talked personally to someone who loved the band as much as I do, but at least I find comfort in knowing there’s a whole lot of you out there that feel the same way. I may never meet any of you but, I love you skeleton clique. This fan base is love. |-/

  23. I heard tøp for the first time in June of 2013. I will be honest when i say that i didn’t like them at first, crazy right. But that was for just for about the first week. I listened to them for about a month when i realized that they were my favorite band (and still are). I have this friend that was going through some tough times, but she kept telling me that the only thing keeping her alive was their music. I started going through some stuff to, like I began having suicidal thoughts and i really just wanted to die. I was sick of all my friends and I felt like I wasn’t meant to be on earth, as deep as it sounds. I started writing in a diary about how i felt and other crap and I cam to notice, that none of it was good stuff. I wrote down the symptoms of depression each week and would check mark the symptoms that i had. It would usually be that i had about 10 out of the 12 that i had listed. I was just so upset with life and i was disappointed in myself. The more I listened to their music, and the deeper i got into their sound, the more i was able to learn that this is my life and this is what i got so i gotta suck it up and deal with it. In April of this year, 2014, I went to my first concert ever, which was a twenty one pilots one. It was the best night of my life. I was lucky enough to meet Tyler and Josh and Tyler’s mom. Basically I was just screaming and shouting and jumping and singing for the whole concert. Afterwards, we went outside and we wanted to see if we could find them and meet them. This girl names Abby came with us who isn actually a fan and since it was actually FREEZING outside, she just wanted to find the car. But me and Izzy (the friend in the beginning also she introduced them to me and she drove me to the concert. LOVE HER) we really wanted to find them, they were our role models. They saved us. So, we went into this tiny little alley looking thing and saw their bus, and we freaked out. We kinda just started sobbing and it was amazing just to see their bus. We went up to a group of kids and asked if they were waiting for Tyler and Josh, which they were. So, we waited in 39degree weather for literally 2.5 hours. And, i was wearing shorts and a tank top. When they finally came out, people just began screaming and i was just sobbing some more. We all waited in a line, and while we did i thought about it. What do you say to the people that saved your life? What i said to Tyler meant more to me that anything else. And his response, a smile, a real smile. It was amazing. I got a picture with them. My arm was over Tyler’s shoulder and I was just crying. Josh was two people over but Tyler. Tyler was right with me at that moment. There was this time during that concert, in Car Radio that made me know for sure why I was alive. When it goes quiet and at first its just this weird noise towards the end of the song then Josh’s drum comes in. Its like buh- buh- buh- buh- buh. Everyone there just stopped and then when it got loud again, we all just started jumping in rhythm. It was amazing. We were breaking the floor. I could feel the floor going in and out and in and out. I am alive. Thank you Joshua Dun. Thank you Tyler Joseph. |-/

    IG: twentyoneclique

  24. i can’t explain exactly what twenty one pilots means to me, because i think it’s something different for all of us and thats really special. but here’s my best shot. they mean this infinite amount of everything of emotion that can’t be summed into words, they mean something so special that i shouldn’t try to explain it, and neither should you. you should keep it within your heart, because you never want to lose something as special as the feeling that twenty one pilots gives each and every one of us.

  25. I have only been following 21p sense the music video for “Car Radio” came out -So not that long- but they have affected my life more than I would have ever thought. I found them while in a “Journeys” in the mall when their music video played on the TV. Little did I know if it weren’t for that moment I wouldn’t be here today and here’s why {TW}: One day it was just all too much, you all know the feeling when you just cannot and you quit. Well I was playing music and while I was writing something down – My note- after that I took a pill bottle and started swallowing them one by one. one for every reason I thought I should go and after a few pilled up I head the the music say “Friend, please don’t take your life away from me.” and it was so unexpected I started crying into my hand until it said “Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for me” and all I could think was “How does he know? “I know you want to leave but friend, please don’t take your life away from me-” then I started thinking if I was still going though with it when it continued with “Would you let me know your plans tonight
    ‘Cause I just won’t let go ’til we both see the light[...]” I guess all I needed was a sign or for someone to tell me not to do it and then someone did. I had already loved this band I just somehow didn’t ever listen to the lyrics to /that/ song before and so it was such a shock to me to hear those words for the first time and for them to fit so perfectly to what was happening. I will always love and appreciate that song.
    That day I decided I couldn’t die until I saw them in concert (9/6/14) and let me tell you that concert was one of the best experiences of my life. When they played truce and trees the speech he gave about how he was proud of us for making it this far and that he wanted us to stay alive I’ll admit I cried so hard. I haven’t cried in front of people sense I was a small child but I cried so hard and vowed not to die until I meet them in person and thank them face to face.

    If you read this thank you for taking the time and let’s stay alive together, okay? |-/

    • You got it l-/ Peace

    • Emily
      YES we have to stay alive together..!
      let s witness and try to understand the purpose of this life.
      you may don t know yet but every parts of this chain we are forming is crucial and for every ones falling another one must standing and SAY, SING and LOVE.
      21 pilots is the vessel Josh and Tyler are using to talk and share this story for us.
      My name is Alexa. I am 45 years old and l have been fighting since l remember it.
      The sun will rise and will try again and again.
      Thanks to my daughter to discover 21 pilots.
      Thanks for the signs they sent me.
      thank me to bought concert tickets to Manchester last week.
      what an amazing feeling to have shared this moment with her.
      l have been there being a struggling teens doing violent things to me and my body trying to shut those painfull feeling.
      have been there on the edge of my window one foot out crying out my despair waiting for someone to listen, to help.
      happened again later in my life a razor in my hands but couldn’t speak, couldn t move. felt paralysed.
      and still I am , sometimes, trying to understand why humankind is so bad with the gift we have been given…
      my children helped me a lot through my battle with life. they gave me a sense of love.
      it took me all this time and strength to hear THE MESSAGE :
      Tyler and josh s one!!!
      and for sure there is a lot to listen, sing, live, rock and to share with their songs.
      their heart is pure for passing the Message and we all have to continue to smile at the SUN rising everyday as well as sharing and joining hands.

      Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to see tyler and josh in concert again with my daughters and you all, in the meantime we have a tough but lovely life to live.
      l will then try not to cry when l will listen friend please cause it means a lot to me
      and to you.

  26. I started searching for the elusive Tyler Joseph after I had watched a beautiful vIdeo on YouTube called Dead Come Alive. Tyler is a featured voice in it and the lyrics just blew me away. After that I was hooked on his words. I soon found Blasphemy, Save and some other solo songs he did pre-Twenty One Pilots. Check them out if you haven’t heard them. After that, the more I listened to their songs, the more taken I was by them. I cried when I figured out the meaning behind what Tyler was saying. It’s honestly his most obscure songs that truly mean the most to me because of how well he is able to explicitly explain what he believes, yet leave people wondering at it in its wake. Those two men have changed the way I look at things. I’ve heard someone say that we all have a song by them that we relate to and cherish that tells a story about what we are going through and struggling with. I’d say that song for me is Clear. It’s not a well known one. But it will always, I feel, let me see into what Tyler goes through and what a lot of us go through. And the last lines are my favorite.

    I will tell you what I can,
    But your mind will take a stand,
    I sing of a greater love,
    Let me know when you’ve had enough.

  27. I first heard car radio and I fell in love and spent a long time looking at a lot of their songs and I knew they were my favorite band. I have pretty bad depression and I used to self-harm. I was going through deep suicidal throughts and Whenever I have an urge or feel like breaking. I listen to twenty one pilots and sing their lyrics or even hum. No person I’ve met can do what they have done to me. They’ve changed me, they make me think more vividly and I harder. I don’t really have anyone and they are my only friend it seems like. I can always play a song by them and I’ll be in another world for the duration of that song. They make me kinda happy honestly.

  28. There’s alot to say about twenty one pilots and what they have done. Many people will say that there favorite song is car radio, holding onto you and many other songs. but any song that we pick means something to us. Death, sadness, depression, and suicide we all think like this until we hear twenty one pilots. We feel better inside even though we have days were we go back to feeling worthless. Are stories that we tell are different from one another there never the same. For me personally I suffered from depression 2 years in a row but 21 pilots helped me alot by just listening to there songs and knowing what they really mean. I started to cut off my friends cause I wanted to be alone, I was mean to everybody who tried to help me. I told my Bestfriend(who is a girl) everything. She was there for me when I needed her the most. A broken heart is hard to replace because the one who broke it you still love. I lost everything I lost my Bestfriend I lost the one who really understands me. I push people away and I pushed her away for the second time but this time it changed she isn’t coming back. Suicide and cutting why do we think and do this to are self?

  29. A close friend and I landed in Auckland, New Zealand last December and I was thrilled to finally get out of my Columbus, Ohio home during the winter. It was also summer in New Zealand which made it all the better! The weather was gorgeous and made for a perfect opportunity to take a quick timelapse of the whole Auckland city skyline in their skytower’s rotating observation room. As I was headed to the elevator of the building after filming the timelapse, The first song that I hear come on the speakers after just traveling over 8500 miles to get away from Columbus, is the Columbus band, Twenty One Pilots’ “House of Gold” …it was such an amazing moment and as soon as I heard the song I fell in love with it…many of the lyrics seem to applying directly to my trip and with that and the timing of the song I figured it would make a great song to put overtop of the timelapse footage from that day! When I found out it was twenty one pilots song I was surprised because I had only heard songs of theirs where Tyler was vocal style was more rapping. I also wasn’t expecting to hear music from my home town all the way across the ocean. As much as I was trying to get away from Columbus, hearing their music the day of my arrival was a welcome sound and helped me feel right at home! When I got home I had to learn the song and chose to do so on a mandolin…here’s the some of the timelapse footage and my transposition thrown together in a youtube tribute to such great songwriters! —->

  30. i was scrolling through vine one day and saw twenty one pilots and im like who is this another screamo weirdo band? but then I kept seeing them so I searched them up on YouTube. the first one was car radio which is a common one but it hit me so hard. I have loved music and bands all my life, it has become apart of me. But twenty one pilots has truly changed my life. They made music TRUE music. I can actually relate to some things that I thought couldn’t be related to. I can feel Tyler’s soul and passion when he’s singing and even just josh on the drums I can feel his passion. These guys just saved me. And these aren’t your typical guys who dye their hair everytime, get tattoos all over their entire body, party, do drugs, etc. I believe that both of these guys have really good morals and a really stable life. They still hang out with their families and I find that really special. And also their music isn’t about love, sex, or drugs and it’s not even about them sometimes it’s about us, and to stay alive, and to find purpose in things and they want us to think. It all about the clique. And I’ve never felt so united and together with this clique tbh. No other clique has bonded so much together and it gives me the tears. My vine is tøp stuff so hmu cause I love the clique :) stay alive |-/

  31. I was not a good person.

    I had done things that I regret. I had done things that made me want to die.

    I guess you could say that I had a decent life. I grew up in a Christian household with good parents who treated me right. I was doing decent in school, and though my social life was non-existent, nobody would really consider my life something to be depressed over… but it wasn’t my life that caused me to hate myself. It wasn’t what was happening to me, but what I had done to others. For a long time, I didn’t think about others really. I mean, I was just an average Joe who would pass by and ask “How are you doing today?” to someone I walked past. I didn’t care that I didn’t have friends, because I didn’t care about people, and because of that I just isolated myself with books, porn, and video games.

    Then one day, in the car, my brother started playing one of the songs from Twenty One Pilots. “Holding On To You”. I never heard of them before, and my bro geeked out about it. He told me what he knew about them, and at first I really didn’t have interest, but then I was curious and started hearing more songs by them. I was hooked, but I didn’t change. I looked at the surface of the songs and found nothing. I didn’t care about lyrics, I only cared if the songs sounded good, and to me they sounded good.

    Then, a few months later, I fell on my knees and prayed to God, begging for forgiveness. Then I went to my computer. I went to YouTube and decided to listen to something new by T|O|P. God sent me to “Guns For Hands”. At the time, I was considering suicide, but just never found any time to plan out anything. And what do you know, the song is anti-suicide. This song was different, though… I actually listened to the lyrics… and I applied them. After that, I went straight to a video in the suggested list… “Addict With A Pen”. After hearing that song, I cried a bit and I promised God that I would never think about suicide ever again.

    Since that day, I haven’t thought about killing myself, I felt a sudden urge to make friends, and I started to help out strangers in need… some over the internet and some face-to-face. I thank God every day for leading me to the two songs that changed my life.

    Stay alive |-/

  32. “It means Twenty One Pilots, the logo does. Why it means Twenty One Pilots, is it really goes along with one of our songs called “Kitchen Sink.” The whole concept of that song is that I feel that humans are always struggling all the time when it comes to purpose, trying to figure out their purpose is, what purpose even is, what’s the point, justifying your own existence. A lot of kids and people my age struggle with “what’s the point,” and with the logo, what it really means is it’s an encouragement. ” – Tyler Joseph.

    I found meaning and purpose in the logo quite early on in becoming part of the clique.
    It stood out, the, well, my meaning. It wrapped itself around my mind and gripped on tight until it choked my thoughts and made me think hard about the things I was losing. I was losing control.
    I found the meaning for myself and it changed me. Made me realise things aren’t as bad as they seem.
    I’m not one for finding my own meanings in things. I’ve always loved art, music and poetry but I’ve never been that kind of person that finds a meaning in it all. I just liked it. I tend to live my life as easily as I can, I don’t try to find special meanings, nor has anything ever felt truly special to me.
    I guess the first time I found something that meant a lot to me was when I discovered pierce the veil. That band changed my life, I found encouragement in their lyrics, but I never found myself being happy. Believe me, I love ptv with my heart and soul but even after I discovered them, I was spiralling deeper and deeper into depression.
    The lyrics and songs that stood out to me, meant nothing once again. I was being hurt and hurting myself emotionally and hurting myself physically.
    I needed to find something that spoke to me.

    I’d heard of twenty one pilots ages beforehand, and I’d seen pictures on tumblr but I never really listened to them.
    Until a little while back, when I was having a particularly bad day.
    My family were causing me emotional pain.
    My best friend no longer wanted to be my best friend.
    My most loving relationship ended.
    I had been upset by classmates.
    I had upset myself.
    I was hurting.
    I felt done again.
    I wanted everything to end.
    I tried to make everything end two nights prior.
    But I had failed for the seventh time.
    I was a failure.
    I wanted try to take my life again this night.
    I wanted to feel as though I had succeeded in something.

    Whenever I hurt myself, I play music. I always have.
    I find it masks the pain in a twisted sense.
    I decided to listen to twenty one pilots.
    I’m not sure why, but I’m glad I did.
    I didn’t hurt myself that night.
    Instead I stayed up till ungodly hours of the morning, studying their videos and their lyrics and falling in love with their personalities.
    I found something that spoke to me.
    Their lyrics spoke words my mind wouldn’t allow me to say.
    They opened my eyes.

    They saved me.

    “Because a kitchen sink to you, is not a kitchen sink to me.”
    This is a line that particularly spoke to me. Stood out above the rest.
    I’ve always had issues with myself.
    I’ve often said in the past that I hate myself, but I was hating myself and expecting to find love in someone, or something else.
    I expected someone to love me.
    But how could someone love me, if I could not except myself for myself?
    I struggled with finding who I was and my purpose.
    I felt I didn’t have a purpose.
    I felt as though I was just there. No one needed me.
    But I’ve realised now that I am important.
    We are all important.
    What I believe and think and do and need is different to what everyone else believes and thinks and does and needs and that’s okay.
    Because I will leave behind a legacy that is different from what you leave behind. Sometimes you can’t leave behind what you want to leave behind.
    I thought I wanted to leave my body, mind and soul behind.
    I wanted to drop my fears and depressions and demons.
    And to do this, I thought I had to kill myself.
    But my fears and my demons need me as much as I need them.
    And I do need them. They make me human. They make me brave.
    My fears and quirks and depressions and thoughts and emotions make me, me.
    And I think I’m finally beginning to accept that.
    Or at least I’m trying.

    I owe my life to Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph, Joshua Dun, and The Clique.

    They gave me my moment, my passion. My happiness.

    Without them, I would not have realised I have a purpose.
    I would not have found the meanings in seemingly meaningless words and shapes.
    I would not have found good in a world that I hated.

    Stay alive.

    I’m staying alive.

    Thank you |-/ { instagram: @ode.txsleep }

    • I’m struggling with a lot of the same things, but I’m beginning to find purpose through this music.
      Stay alive |-/

  33. I’m 45 and music has always played a central role in my life. I’m a musician (not a pro – but enough to appreciate artistry from a “Salieri”-type perspective – I can recognize the incarnation). Music has always been present but over the last ten years (or so) I’ve been stale. Nothing has fired me up. No passion. I had to go back to old favorites like RHCP and Jethro Tull — then a student (I’m a teacher) turned me on to Twenty One Pilots. I could go on and on, but . . . long story short, I found my passion again. I re-found my passion in music by listening to Twenty One Pilots. The deeper I look, the more I find. It’s hard to describe what this band has done for me and what they mean to me. It’s large. Thanks.

  34. I had only heard of Twenty One Pilots on the radio until I received concert tickets from my boyfriend for my birthday this year. Honestly, it was THE best show I have ever been to, hands down. I tell people about it all the time and literally tear up when I watch the videos on my phone because Tyler and Josh just know how to make their fans feel loved, not only through their music but the concert experience as a whole. A week after the concert, I lost one of my childhood best friends to Leukemia. My grandfather was also diagnosed with cancer that month. I lost every one of my close friends to peer pressure and had no place to turn but my ipod when things got bad. You can probably guess what was playing… I have never felt so low in my entire life, but this band helped me find the light and there is no way to thank them except to follow and support everything that they do. The next time they will be in my area on tour, I will be in boot camp for the Army. To become a hero, I had to look up to some first, and these guys are on my list. Thank you.

  35. I stopped going to church a while back, one because I was “gay”, and I know it sounds crazyy but Every single time I went to sleep I had the craziest demonic dreams and even when Id wake up I felt surrounded to the point Id freeze up, I couldnt speak I couldnt move all I could do was cry and I noticed it happened every time I would convince myself to pick up the Bible or try to build on my relationship with God. It went on for months, people kept telling me demons try to cut down those that can make a huge difference and though I didn’t want to give in , it became too much when people started seeing things above me through FaceTime and what not lmfao super creepy shit. Anyways I ended up stopping attending church, only prayed once in a blue moon and never picked up the bible unless I felt guilty which was never. I started living life and dont get me wrong I had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends, went out a lot but regardless of what I felt inside There was still something missing inside, I felt empty. Its been three years anyway since. Well I was listening to Car Radio for the 1000th time yesterday on replay and these words kept standing out
    “I find over the course of our human existence
    One thing consists of consistence
    And it’s that we’re all battling fear

    There’s faith and there’s sleep
    We need to pick one please because
    Faith is to be awake
    And to be awake is for us to think
    And for us to think is to be alive
    And I will try with every rhyme
    To come across like I am dying
    To let you know you need to try to think”
    and something hit me, my arms went up I fell on my knees and started praising God. Yup I was on the floor in my bed room solo lmaoo. Anyways I started to think and I noticed that there IS a choice either to have faith or to live in fear and sometimes having faith means facing your fears no matter how bad they are. And I know I’m human but I’m so ashamed that I let myself live in fear for so long, it sucks but I know I have a purpose and I’m ready for my sleepless nights! -

  36. Jazmin Alvarez

    April 9, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    Twenty One Pilots makes me extremely happy, I’ve felt with depression for a while now and the only thing that seems to help is music especially Tyler and Josh’s music. I honestly have no friends or absolutely no one to relate with. It makes me feel like I’m alone and have really nothing to live for. I just need someone to talk to so I don’t feel alone anymore. I sit at home all day and just imagine how my life would be without this depression and it just makes me feel even worse. I need this illness gone and I need to meet Tyler and Josh to thank them for EVERYTHING. Skeleton Clique forever |-/

  37. I used to self harm, but TOP’s music snapped me out of it.
    I was constantly listening to their songs while recovering.
    I remember broking my 1 month clean, then I put on the radio, and guess what band came on?
    I totally broke down crying, realising that I wasn’t the only one going through pain.
    I told my parents that night.
    At that point, I had self harmed for 3 years and nearly cut down to the bone.
    Now, I’m 2 years clean and I’m 17 years old.
    I never thought I’d get this far, but their songs always made me realise that I wasn’t alone in this hell.
    It was a comfort in a scary world…
    I can relate to so many songs if them and that’s a big comfort.

    Without them, I don’t think I’d be here today, I’d probably be 6 feet under…

  38. Twenty One Pilots has saved my life. They are a great band and I’m not sure where I’d be without them. They’re so inspirational and have challenged me to look at my life with a new perspective. I remember about a year ago I was alone in my room with a piece of rope about to take my own life. Their song Truce came on and it literally saved my life. Skeleton clique forever.

  39. Open Letter to Tyler and Josh :
    Dear Saviors,
    Thank you for being there. Thank you for being my 3 a.m when I would wake up with thoughts bringing me to my knees. Thank you for being my 6 a.m. when the alarm would go off and all I wanted to do was lay there and die. Thank you for being my 2:05 p.m. when I would get done school and all I wanted to do was go home but decided to continue to do track to keep everyone from worrying about me becoming more and more distant. Thank you for being the only one who understood, the only one who seemed to care, the one who stayed with me no matter what I was like. Thank you for being everything no one else could. Thank you for making me cry, the first emotion I felt in months. Thank you for keeping me going because someone had been there, I wasn’t alone. Sure other people I knew suffered with that I was feeling but I still felt alone no matter what they said. Thank you for making the song car radio. (The word “Car” still means “My life” and the “Radio” was its “Meaning” ) Thank you giving me your music to listen too during the hours spent laying on my bed face down just trying to get an ounce of sleep. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face in front of everyone. Thank you Tyler and Josh for saving my life. Without you, I would not be here today |-/

  40. prettyunlitperson

    May 7, 2015 at 8:34 pm

    twenty one pilots. Hm. Where do I start? Well, I used to hate music as a kid. I never understood why people liked it so much and how it “saved their lives.” But I just thought, whatever. I always wished I could enjoy music because I was sad all the time and needed something to help me and I felt terrible because I thought music was this unbelievable thing I wasn’t able to enjoy.

    Then I see my sister watching the MTV Music Awards. I sit down right before twenty one pilots come on. I see ski masks and an amazing drummer who’s just so into what he’s doing and I see this amazingly talented pianist + singer who is having the most fun I’ve seen. Jumping, screaming, it was like music to my ears. Oh wait. It was.

    I was sitting speechless. Stunned while these two boys were preforming and I couldn’t believe what I felt. I felt amazing. I felt connection. Like I knew what they were talking about. “I ponder of something great my lungs will fill and then deflate.” Every word spoke to me. My sister just thought the whole thing was weird, scary, and she just didn’t like the song. I told her it was the best thing I’ve ever seen and the best thing I’ve ever heard. I didn’t even bother sitting through another second of the music awards after the song was finished. I dashed upstairs and opened my laptop to go on youtube and type in the lyrics I heard from their performance. The song was called, “Car Radio.”

    I can’t recall how many times I hit the replay button, but I’ll just tell you that I sat there all night listening to twenty one pilots songs and I’ve never been happier. I fell in love with Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun and even though they have no idea I exist, I feel like I’ve been going through everything with them. I know so much about them and I honestly don’t care how creepy that sounds because they are my brothers which means they are my everything.

    They are what’s helped me carry on through my roughest days and what’s stopped me from doing things I would have regretted and I, with all my heart, will do anything to meet them and tell them that they have changed my life and they help me daily through my depression. I will tell them… oh god, I don’t know. Just that their reason in life is to help others, and they’re doing a pretty amazing job with that. They help us understand beauty and true literature. Tyler is the best writer with the most symbolic meanings and I absolutely love that about him.

    Just like Tyler, I am constantly trying to defeat my ‘Blurryface.’ She’s what holds me back, but maybe she helps me through my day. I just cannot wait any more for their new album to come out. Their three singles are just amazing and I cannot wait to hear what they did with their other songs because they said no song is like the other and that is so exciting.

    Oh. I just realized it’s impossible to share what I feel about twenty one pilots because my love for Josh and Tyler is soooooo strong. I can’t get tickets to your “trip for concerts” guys, but I have watched every YouTube video there is of your unlit concerts and I pump my hands in my room by myself and if it won’t get better than that, it doesn’t matter because I’ve already been given enough. You guys help me breathe and walk and live and that is obviously something I cannot thank you enough for. Okay I wanna end this by saying I’m staying alive for you and you guys are sick as frick and I love you I love you I love you |-/

    “We’re twenty one pilots and so are you.”

  41. I stared listening to them because of my sister now that’s all I do I’ve gotten two of my friends onto it

  42. Hi. I am a middle schooler. I know. Not that old. I can be truly honest when I say that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have changed my life. They have not made a single song that doesn’t cause me to fall down on my knees crying. I will certainly not say that they directly saved my life. They didn’t. They helped me make the decision to save my life. I am extremely abnormal. I wear bright colors, clothes that aren’t revealing or ‘cool’. Let’s just say that I am totally my own person, which I think is good. Unfortunately for me, not everyone cans say that. I am bullied. A lot. It really, really sucks. Knowing that people have a desire to hurt you really affects your mind. I do have a lot of friends, but you know. I don’t expect them to all worship the ground I walk on. I wanted to escape my misery and confusion. The only way that I could think of was to physically get rid of the pain—cutting. Yes. I was suicidal. Was. Not anymore thanks to two very important people, and the God that I love. I am Christian. My life revolves around my faith. I felt disgusting knowing that many of the elders in my church were aware that I had been hurt to an extent of self-harm. I had to understand that life was a gift given from God, and there is an even better place for us where God intends us to be. So, yeah. I live in Columbus, so I just wish that I could be lucky enough to somehow meet twenty one pilots and tell everything and thank them in person. Sadly, that hasn’t happened, but you never know. Thanks to everyone reading, and if you’re running into the problems that I faced…TRY TO STAY HAPPY! A daily dose of Guns For Hands, or any one of their song in my case, will help with that!!! That was cheesy. Bye!

    • It’s me again! I just wanted to say a special thank you to the Clique because they give me support. All of us want others to be happy and understand happiness and life just like Tyler and Josh. Without my fellow hardcore fangirls and fanboys I honestly don’t know if I would be alive and happy now. Also, please try to take me seriously as I am only a middle schooler.

  43. Tbh i have been in some tough problems and though im only 13 life has sent some pretty powerful waves torweds mean it hurts.I`ve listend to all your songs everyday they inspire me to be me and not care about what anyone thinks.I`m looking forword to either seeing you 6/8/15 or 9/18/15!!!! P.S sorry for the spelling.

  44. Some say happy music will help you when you’re down. Some people say you have to ignore all your fears. But that doesn’t work for me. Hearing happy people singing will make me even more sad and ignoring my fears will make them grow under the surface. I can tell you what helps: knowing that you are not alone. This is what twenty one pilots music showed me. It showed me that there are thousands of people like me. I have never found anything as beautiful as twenty one pilots and I’m shure that I never will. Their music is so onest and real and emotional and therefore it goes right in the heart. You can’t just only listen to their music. You feel it. It does something with your brain that I can’t explain. It’s as if Tyler would freeze his feelings in the music for us to feel them and make them ours. I really can’t describe. There is something that makes this whole twenty one pilots-thing unbelivably beautiful and magical. When I can’t sleep, I listen to ”oh ms believer” and it makes me cry so hard that I cry out all my demons so I can sleep again. I never want to lose this. I am emotional. I am broken. I am never what I want. But I’ve learned that it’s ok.

  45. For almost all the years I’ve been alive, my family has hated me, I was different, I wasn’t like them, I was the outsider. And that led me to become extremely self-aware, and I can never not doubt myself. Everything I create I am insecure about, because I don’t know what people will think of it, what people will think of me. I have always struggled to stay alive, and this past year I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and I’ve had severe depression and anxiety for years. When I first heard twenty one pilots I was inspired, it helped me feel that someone knew what I was going through, and that I wasn’t alone, the lyrics in every single one of their songs is so meaningful to me. Tyler and Josh(and their families) have kept me alive, and have helped me through years of pain and struggle, without thoughts of taking my own life. Those two are the most humble, caring, adorable people ever, and their music inspires many, and I love them so much, without them I would probably be dead, or probably in a mental hospital. Now instead of cutting myself, I play twenty one pilots music and write out my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

  46. I just discovered this website and it’s truly a blessing!
    I am an 18 year old girl from germany and I kind of feel the need to talk to someone, so thanks for this amazing opportunity.
    About a year ago I began to feel constantly depressed, like I don’t quite belong here and as if I`m not good enough. And it’s still getting worse, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, my family and friends love me but I’m just unhappy. I don’t know where this feeling comes from, nor can I express it properly. And yes, the thought of killing myself crossed my mind a few times.
    Whatever, what I’m trying to say is that Tyler and Josh are the reason I’m still alive. If it wasn’t for them, I’d probably not be here today. I can relate to their lyrics so much and whenever I hear them I feel instantly better. I know I’m not alone with this feeling and that there’s somebody out there who feels the same and goes through hard times, too. Even though I’m still feeling depressed every now and then, just listening to their lyrics helps me through the day.
    I just want to thank you all. I think it’s important to watch out for eachother and it feels incredibly good to be able to tell my story without anyone judging me for how I’m feeling and telling me to “just get over it”.
    I’m going to see Tyler & Josh in November and even though I’m aware that it’s quite unlikely to meet them at the concert I just hope that one day I’ll have the opportunity to thank them in person for keeping me alive.
    To anyone who read this, I love you and thank you so much for reading. It means a lot to me :)
    You are important, please stay alive!

  47. I discovered top one month ago, and since then I became obsessed. Those guys put in music what I have been avoiding to feel and think since I’m 10. Look, I never went to a psychologist, so I can’t say if I have any mental illness, but since I can remember I’ve been thinking too much about everything. I remember don’t being able to sleep and thinking about the universe till sleep and also remember not being able to stop thinking even if I was too tired to even talk. I remember having a panic attack on my bed when I was 8 because somehow I came to the conclusion that I surely would go to hell and I didn’t want it. I remember years later coming to the conclusion that I deserved hell and that I was doing everyone a favor killing myself. I remember hurting, bitting myself because I deserved pain but I knew people would miss me if I died, so I couldn’t go to hell. I remember discovering internet and using it to completely avoid thinking (specialy at night).
    And I remember being put face to face with all that mess by top’s music. It was painful because, again, I’ve been avoiding it for a long time and because it was so accurate that Tyler probably have felt the same way I do sometimes and I don’t wanna nobody to feel like that. But it was also good to know I was not alone in this. They also helped me restore my faith.
    I love them so much and I wish I could hug them tightly and tell them how much they mean to me, but I would probably talk forever.

  48. Twenty one pilots is the most amazing band ever. I love their every song. They inspire me and my brother so much. My dream is to meet them. It doesn’t matter when or where. I just really want to tell them how much their music means to me. They are so great!
    Stay Alive |-/

  49. So, i don’t have much of a connection with my family. so my closest friends, we call each other family. And to be honest all of us who have come together and love each other, we’ve all been more or less really depressed most of our lives. Since finding each other we’ve been helping each other make progress though. I’m not going to say Twenty One Pilots saved our lives, that’s not what music does. You save yourself, music and other people just give you strength and inspire you. Well Twenty One Pilots has made up the survival anthem of my little family, and i can’t thank them enough for it.

  50. Well, if I’m going to tell my story, this will take a while…
    I used to be a happy kid. I hid my sadness from everyone, even myself. My best friend shunned me, and acted like it was my fault, yet I still loved her like a sister. My biological disliked me. Hate is not a word we use in our household, but it was close. I was, alone is a good way to put it. I drifted from group to group at recess in elementary school, and I never knew anything different.friends I had before had changed and did weird things like get boyfriends (I was ten, give me a break. I’m thirteen now FYI) and wear makeup. Then, my only friends that didn’t leave me in the dust, moved. We lost contact. I was devastated. A few months later, at the end of the school year, my second-best friend (the one who ditched me was still top, tied with a friend from church) a boy named Riley, also moved. I kept pretending it didn’t happen. I then started to hate social situations. I stopped going to birthday parties, and didn’t go outside by my own choice. Then, my best friend moved. I crashed. I didn’t go outside unless forced to. I stopped talking to my siblings. I almost stopped talking altogether. All I had left was music, but I could only really sing and play trombone decently. I turned away from life. I put on a smiling face and acted cheerful, but when asked to work with someone, I would say:
    “I prefer to work alone.”
    Then middle school happened, Ugh.
    I sat with my friend from first grade, I won’t give her name though. We invited another friend from fourth or fifth grade to come sit with us. The three of us were the biggest social outcasts in school, and we wore the title proudly, though no one said it to our faces. In a weird twist of fate, some other people joined our table, and we were our own little group. Sadly, conflict soon struck with the first girl’s boyfriend and the fourth girl’s being lesbian. We were sitting ducks. We were bullied incessantly. To be honest, everyone at the table was. Then I learned that my first friend had depression and anxiety. Then several other friends of mine did. Then my sister did. Then my mom had gotten over it and we learned about it and BOOM.
    I cut myself. Everyday. Deeper and deeper. More and more. I knew who twenty one pilots was, but I didn’t really listen to them then. I strayed from God. I strayed from life. I tried to commit suicide, and then I stopped with the noose around my neck. I needed help. My mom didn’t take my cutting seriously. She said it was a phase, and I would be fine. I didn’t tell her about my attempt. I had my doctor do it. I was sent to a therapist, whom I highly recommend. (Kathleen of the Sommer Group I believe. She’s based in Central Ohio) She said I could go to the hospital If I said I wanted to. She said I had till Monday to decide. I said i’d wait till then to see. I went that night. I needed it. I was given medicine and that’s all I’m going to say besides a birthday in the hospital, especially in the depression sector, is terrible. I got out, and I kept cutting behind my parents backs. Then I listened to Vessel. I realized I am understood, and I had no reason to waver from God. I felt love sweep in on me, and I was saved. My life has worth, and they helped me learn. I can deal with my demons better, with help I’ve learned to seek. I thank the Lord for TOP, and I hope to meet them so I can say “Thank you.” in person. My only regret of that moment is that I’ll be just another fan. In their songs, they have called us “friend” But that’s hardly the case. Our only bond are the same songs of hope. Fan and Celebrity is our relationship, and I wish I could have a real relationship, a real friendship, like the ones I have learned to nurture, with Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

    • They said
      “Stay alive, stay alive FOR ME.”
      And I lived.
      I owe them my life, and all I want is to tell them so.

      • My favorite song by them is between Aircatcher and Forest. I found Aircatcher and learned it was a song about a strained relationship of sorts, but to me it was my disability to not only tell the boy I liked that I like him, but to tell him I’m depressed. I eventually did, and we’re an “item” as the popular people call it. Forest, to me, is a song that says “HEY!!! You aren’t alone. We are all here singing together, learning and praising together, and crying and hurting together. YOU AREN’T AND WILL NEVER BE ALONE. You have us and the Lord.”
        other favorites:
        Isle of Flightless Birds
        Guns For Hands
        Kitchen Sink
        Ms Believer
        Stressed Out
        The Judge
        We Don’t Believe What’s On TV
        And pretty much every other song EVER BY TWENTY ONE PILOTS.
        I can’t exactly list them all here with the short time I have till I’m going to bed so…
        Stay alive I-/

  51. About two years ago I almost lost my younger sister to a suicide attempt. Being the oldest of the two, my initial reaction was to believe the amount of failure I exhibited for allowing herself and I to be in a hospital room not knowing wether the pills she consumed took her life or not. After being told she was okay she was soon sentenced to a mental hospital where I wasn’t allowed to visit. In this time span and the months after I spent blaming myself for everything. On top of the blades and glass used to slice my skin, I found comfort in various self-destructive patterns on top of the one’s i’ve obtained since 5th grade. About a year later I was diagnosed with chronic depression. I was told that i’ve always had depression, which explained this overwhelming emptiness that came and went throughout my life, but i guess it finally caught up to me. I spent my entire senior year on prozac, barely meeting the credits i needed to graduate. Needless to say, mental illnesses are real, not only are they real but they destroy lives. The music illustrated by this band did not save my life, you see, i did that myself, rather the music from this band saved me from myself. It saved me from the part of myself that dreamt of slicing my wrist in my sleep, and a heaviness of pain that consumed my entire being. I just got done reading every comment posted on this page. With tears streaming down my eyes, words cannot explain how good it feels to actually feel something for the first time in years. Slowly recovering from my disease, it brings me joy to know that i’m not alone. Always remember to stay strong, something this band rephrases to us in so many of their lyrics.

  52. There’s nothing really special about me as far my story, and I don’t have a huge story to tell but what I do have means a lot to me. I’m fourteen and music in general plays a huge role in my life. I play trombone in band, piano at home, and I also genuinely love music. There’s something about every artist and every band that really hooks me. I used to be obsessed with George Watsky because the messages he gave off. But the way I feel about Twenty One Pilots is way unique. Their artistic expression, messages, and depth really hooks me. Twenty One Pilots has inspired me and opened my eye to deep perceptions about the world and just in general, they have really brought out the art in their music. So I’ve always been the kid to love deep, meaningful things. I guess you could say that I have made my reputation by the epiphanies brought to me by books in school and how excited I get, and now its great that I have music to do the same. Twenty One Pilots had opened up my eyes to wonder of art and music. The deeper I look, the more I find, the livelier I feel, and the happier I am. Their music gives me more energy, and passion and to look at both their music and lyrics and find metaphorical perceptions behind it is just flat out awesome. It’s ineffable to truly describe how they have grasped me, but they have. Their lyrics speak to me and I am glad they exist |-/

  53. I discovered twenty one pilots about two year ago. The first song I heard of theirs was Migraine. I remember how much hope the song gave me. I know it’s hard and I’m going to struggle my whole life bit I’ve made it this far so I can’t give up now. Tyler made me realize that I’m not the only person with these feelings. I know now that I’m not alone. I’m not the only person that get’s depressed for no reason. And I know it’s not fair but it’s part of life. The first time I heard Guns for Hands I sobbed hysterically. Never in my life has anyone ever told me not to take my life. I feel that suicide needs more recognition. We have to take the moments as they come and let them pass. He taught me how to channel my emotions into the music. The band became a large part of my life and I can;t go a day without listening to them. Every time I feel like leaving I listen to them and everything is okay. Sometimes its hard for people to understand hoe a band can save your life but it’s simple really. When you listen to their music, your not alone. You don’t have to worry about being alone. Truce and Lovely are very beautiful songs. In both of these song tyler is speaking directly to us. He’s telling us to stay alive for him. Even when you feel like nobody else would care if you are alive or dead, he does.
    Sorry this is all over the place.
    These so cliche but it’s accurate.
    Thank you twenty one pilots, for keeping us alive |-/

  54. Hello All,

    I would love for this to get reported, shared, tweeted, etc., but if anything, I would love for it to just effect one persons life, because that is what this band has done for us.

    I have been a twenty one pilots fan for over three years now. About a year ago, on a routine car ride with my sisters, I played “house of gold” and my younger sisters fell in love with it. It wasn’t a big deal to me, they were young, the song was hot, and it was new. But, to my surpise, this band would be so much more to me in the near future.

    Because, one of these sisters has a genetic disorder. She was born with Velo-Cardio Facial Syndrome paired with DiGeorge Syndrome. No, it’s not Downs-Syndrome, but it’s not near as researched. She had open heart surgery when she was two days old, and my family was told she had less then a 50% chance to live (I was 6) To all of our best wishes she survived, and thrived amongst her colleagues with this disorder.

    As 1 child out of 6, people may have thought she was forgotten, but it was far from it. She carved a spot in all of her siblings and families hearts, a spot that none of us even knew existed.

    It was to our dismay that this spring her tests came back irregular. She was going to need another surgery. They tried a minimally invasive stent, but it did not work. So here came the emotional roller coaster all over again.

    She was to have open heart surgery again. They were going to have to cut open her aortic arch to widen it, as it was less then 50% functional then the other valves, and her pressures in her head were off. While it was not the riskiest surgery out there, she still had to be on bypass twice. For those who do not know what bypass is, her blood was pumped out, her heart was “turned off” for 13 minutes two times, then would pump the blood back in, and restart the heart. Her heart was “off” for a total of 46 minutes this time.

    No matter the accomplishments I ever make in my life, never will I be able to say my heart has been off for almost an hour.

    So now you’re wondering what 21 pilots has to do with this?

    While I was familiar with their new album “blurryface” Erin was just now getting familiar.

    And her favorite song, you ask?

    “Tear in my heart”
    It was yet to be on the radio, but yet she has a connection, why?

    She literally had a tear in her heart, and 21 pilots helped her work through it. Her scar was re-opened, and her tear was re-torn. She had a tear in her heart, and let me tell you, she was on FIRE.

    She takes us (her family) higher then we have ever been.

    This song is such an inspiration to Erin and I, and I hope it can be to you too.

    Love always-

  55. Hi, I’m probably too late to respond to this post but this question had me thinking since yesterday. I want to answer even if 3 years later no one care anymore about this or about what I am going to say but first, my name is chloé , I’m 16 and twenty one pilots affected my life in both a good and a sad way. I’ve been thinking all night and they affected my life in a good way because their songs kinda speak my mind, Tyler sings my thoughts and my feelings out loud, something I’ve never been able to do. He makes these moves while singing my thoughts with all of his heart on stage. They also affected me in a sort of bad way because I sometimes find some tears on my cheeks while listening to their songs, and that’s because I feel sad that they feel the same way I do. When they explained the meaning of the album Blurryface, I was sad for Tyler to feel this way and have so much insecurities about himself as I have for me. But this is probably why I’m so much attached to them, because the sad effect is connected to the good effect they have on me.

    Anyway, it’s 2am here and the night make me talkative. No one will probably ever see this post but that’s fine.


  56. When i listen to Twenty One Pilots music i feel like i’m understood. No one will share with you their problems or what they’re going through, wether its depression, anorexia, loneliness, etc. So you, or at least, i have felt alone, like i wasn’t understood because everyone else seemed happy and i felt like an outcast who just doesn’t fit in anywhere. Their music made me realize that i’m understood and there are people like me. Their music kept me alive. Their music has true meaning. It says what society is really like and not the fake shit thats being promoted. Stay Alive with me |-/

  57. When I first heard ‘Car Radio’, I was a fan of the song, but the more I listened to the song the more I grew to love the lyrics and honesty behind the band’s questioning of their existence. I enjoyed the song because the more I’m left alone with my thoughts the more I seem to struggle with my depression; to me the song expressed this. When I really listened to the lyrics of ‘Holding On To You’ it hit me that it was about fighting a battle with depression and suicide. I immediately latched onto the song and it became my favorite, prompting me to research the band. I found out that they were fellow believers like me, but what really led me to fall in love with the band was the fact that though they were Christians, they didn’t claim to be perfect or without dark thoughts. As a Christian with depression, it is a complicated situation because everyone (fellow Christians included) think that if we struggle with depression or suicide that we aren’t truly believers; that is only more discouraging.
    I feel understood and am so glad that Tyler and Josh have created a safe haven for people who struggle with depression. I want them to know that no matter how long or short their career lasts, that they have made a difference to me, and saved so many lives through their raw honesty and emotion. It’s not an easy role to fill and I hope that they will continue to be the inspirational people they have always been.

  58. I just discovered Twenty One Pilots about one month ago, and since the first time I listened to Blurryface all the way through for the first time, I thought, “Finally, someone understands me.” Tyler + Josh are more than my favorite band. They’ve become the big brothers I’ve never had. and after getting in touch with some of my friends and being introduced to the skeleton clique, I finally found a place where I fit in. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted. You guys saved my life. All of you. And for that, words can’t even express what I feel toward all of you guys.
    Viva the skeleton clique. |-/

  59. I had some serious bouts with depression all throughout high school. HS itself is awful, but those four years were unstable, dysfunctional, and extremely draining. Each year had its own problems outside of school, and each year my depression got worse and worse. Junior year I’d made plans to kill myself, and started getting help, senior year, my help was taken away because my parents thought I did it all for attention and the psychiatrist and social worker were “enabling my two-faced, evil ways.” I was never able to defend myself, and I wasn’t trusted for six months, and had to always be supervised for three months. I wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone about what I was going through, and I was told I made my mother “want to hurt [her] child (me).” She also said, “if I could take you anywhere and beat you right now, I would. I’d do it and the only thing stopping me is that I have nowhere to go where I wouldn’t get caught, but I honestly want to beat you right now.” I went through this alone, felt alone, dealt with it alone, and don’t like this lack of self-trust and feeling of exhaustion it left me with. The summer before college, my sister shared twenty one pilots with me, and I felt validated. I felt like someone believed me, and they felt the things that I felt. I felt my range of emotions again. I listened to them the night my papa died, and I listened to them my first night out of that cramped space where I was always walking on eggshells and always had my guard up. Thank you for reminding me that my own feelings are my truths, and even when my brain deceives or belittles me, I am stronger than I think (even at my most vulnerable), and no ones knows me better than I. Because I’ve been through the slew of sentiments Tyler writes about (and Josh also experienced!). It still makes me cry sometimes, but others, I know I’m validated and one of many in this awesome clique. That’s all I need. Thank you both.

  60. Twenty One Pilots has kept me alive through so many dark times. Their music, their meaning, the soul they put into each and ever line has kept me going through so many dark times. I can relate to every single song they have in one way or another. I am so thankful they exist!

  61. I first discovered Twenty One Pilots a year ago or 2. And i’m in love with them. They make me so happy.They are my happy pills.No words could explain how much i love them.


    I love twenty one pilots so much I wrote an article about how much they do in regards to suicide prevention week. Please check it out!

  63. i first heard twenty one pilots when my friend showed me the song house of gold. i fell in love with the song! i didn’t even know who it was by. but later i looked it up on youtube and saw the bands name. i figured why not look them up and fell in love with every song i had heard since. long story short when i was listening to them i never realized how majorly thy would affect my life. they made me fell like i wasn’t alone nobody will never understand how much they have helped me. i know i have never personally met them but it seems there the only people who have ever really understood me, my thoughts and pretty much…well…my life! in conclusion……..Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun saved my life!

  64. I don’t really have a story but if I did I guess this would be it.. My town is really sad, we all are. It is insane. No matter what, someone always goes. We have all become numb to these feelings we have. We have lost 11 teens this year, 7 to suicide. 6.21.16 was the day that one of my good friends decided to be a part of that 5 and make it 6. 9.23.15 was the day that my other friend decided to join that 6 and make it 7. I have been so broken and torn up but you know what I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. Twenty One a Pilots has helped me so much through this time and you know what? I never used to like them until all of this tragedy happened… Because now I finally understand their music… It all makes sense and I would never want anyone to feel or understand their music in a sense that I do.

    If it wasn’t for this music, I don’t know how I would’ve fought this.

    RIP Caleb. RIP Shana.

  65. i had twenty one pilots on with ear buds deciding weather or not to kill myself i was about to just strangle myself kinda was….friend please comes on and it made me stop and think i couldn’t stop crying….yeah they saved my life…LITERALLY

  66. Hi! I found twenty one pilots when i was going through a rough time in school and i felt so insecure about my self. This was in june i think, so one day on instagram i watched a fanvideo and top’s song “stressed out” was in the background and it was a really good song so i looked through the comments to find the name of the song and someone said that it was called “stressed out” by twenty one pilots. So i started listening to it like crazy and it was all i listened to , i also dowloaded it on itunes. One day when i was feeling extra sad and bored i decited to look through the other songs on the album blurryface and every single song was the best song ive ever heard, i couldn’t get enough of them! So i googled twenty one pilots and looked at all the interveiws and i stalked them i guess…! Well anyways… I saw that they were on a tour and i live in sweden so i was really sad to find out that they weren’t playing in sweden this tour, But i had plans to go to hamburg and watch them, but the tickets sold out so freaking quick! And now i just look all over the internet for fansites and other people who likes twenty one pilots! Cuz im pretty sure noone that i know like them :/ Thats my story ! Byaeee

  67. okay I was honestly trying to find a way to connect with other people that listen to twenty one pilots and just looked up twenty one pilots fan site and bam! but anyways the way I found twenty one pilots was kind of odd.. I was reading a troyler fan fiction, don’t judge me, and I was scrolling through some comments when I saw someone comment something about twenty one pilots. I usually never look up the bands that people comment but for some odd reason I looked them up and that was the best decision I ever made. the first song I listened to was holding onto you and I was like “um this is kind of cool but idk” and I listened to house of gold next and I just couldn’t stop listening to it. I told my friend about them the next day and she said she’d listen to them but she honestly never did really listen to them she just pretended to. I’ve never been in a bad place or suffered depression or anything and I felt kind of odd in the clique. tonight I just realized that twenty one pilots can help you no matter what. I never really knew who I was and just went through life just following people around and going through the motions but tøp made me realize that I could honestly just be anyone and there was always going to be a group of people (the clique) who would accept me for who I was. I’ve always been a sort of outspoken person but now I have a voice and I like that. I’m honestly going all over the place with this and idk how to really put my feelings into words but those of you who took the time to read this thank you. this probably made no sense at all.

    • I felt relieved reading this. I’m sorta new to TOP but I’ve just got through to the really obsessed stage. Anyway, bit irrelevant but just feel like I relate to your background of not knowing who you were and the effects their music has and like everything you said right there so I wanted to reply something. Thanks I guess

  68. I’ve discovered this band, Twenty One Pilots during November in 2013. Like always, they have helped through thick and thin. Tyler’s lyrics have helped me a lot and everything they do for us makes me very happy. I never been to a show. But finally, after 2 years im finally seeing them this summer. Im going to the Allen, Tx show and im very excited and happy. When they had the pre sale i quickly bought my ticket and i was SO excited and my heart was melting (in a nice way) Today i was looking at my purchased and ive noticed that it said “Sec. 120″ i quickly got up and my eyes screamed. I started crying because i was meant to buy the GA ticket. Im trying my best not to panic and be happy im going to see my favorite band, but then again, this band means alot to me and i was hoping i would be close as possible. I hope everything goes well for me and for everyone. Thank you Twenty One Pilots for keeping me alive.

  69. Hey Clique! I’ve been in the Skeleton Clique for four years now. But can I really say that? Can I say that Tyler Robert Joseph and Joshua William Dun have been my inspiration for four whole years? When my sister first showed some stuff from Regional at Best, I was like “This is cool. I like this.” I am ashamed to say that I wasn’t thinking of the lyrics at all. About a year later I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. I didn’t know how to explain it to my friends. I was always worried about tiny things. It was embarrassing. A few months later I was put on medication for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Life got even harder. I couldn’t go to bed without washing my hands exactly 4 times or rubbing my hands together 13 times at 4:00 every day. A ton of my peers didn’t get it. I didn’t either. I remember watching the Guns for Hands video and scrolling through the comments. I kept seeing comments like “You saved my life!” or “Thank you.” I was really confused. Eventually, I looked up the lyrics to their songs. I began to understand. I began to understand life and think a lot more. My mind got healthier getting rid of my OCD. Everything was fine until instead of thinking about life, I questioned it. Yup. I was depressed and suicidal. Very. I cut my thighs until there was no surface area left. I was scared. One night when I craved my blade, I decided to cut my wrist even if people could see it. I made three cuts when I realized that God wanted me here. He created me. Humans were created to worship him. Our bodies are temples. We shall not wreck them. I questioned my faith a lot. Twenty one pilots was my vessel. They showed me that it’s okay to doubt God, but know that he is great, and I am his. Last summer, I was informed that I was no longer depressed. I still have anxiety, but I’m working on it. Twenty one pilots is an escape. An escape that should be used to its advantage. Tyler has said many times that we all have hard decisions to make. If you’re hurting yourself, make the decision to stop. I’m not going to say that they saved my life. They didn’t come to my house and heal me. But I am going to say that they led me to save my own life. Again, they are a vessel. All I know now, is that I am most definitely part of the Skeleton Clique now. Do we need to put a label on it? Can’t it be enough that we’re in it in the first place? Is someone who’s liked their songs for seven years necessarily better than someone who’s like them for a day? “Our brains are sick, but that’s okay.” I love all of you. You are my second family. The Clique is so supportive and encouraging. Stay alive, please. “We’re broken people.” We are. We really are. There’s no way to change that, but we can change our views on life. I know it’s hard. I get it, but please don’t give up. Thank you, twenty | one | pilots. Pøwer to the løcal dreamer.

  70. I would just like to say that twenty one pilots literally saved my life and I’m forever thankful for that. Their music is the most beautiful thing and they are so adorable and gosh. It’s just…i was going to kill myself and i’ve learned so much from them and when I listen to their music I feel whole again and it makes me want to dance around my room and cry at the same time and it is the best feeling and I want to feel like that my whole life. They taught me that it’s okay to have fears and demons and anxiety and instead of killing of yourself to get rid of them, you have to live with them, even if it involves a lot of screaming and laughing and hugging people close and never letting go. because that’s how you really should live life. And now I’m just rambling, but I owe my life to Twenty One Pilots and Tyler and Josh and the clique, and that makes me happy.

    stay alive |-/

    • Same we just need to live life with Josh and Tyler, and we all may not be able to meet them but they will always stay in our hearts as we go through life. Im listening to Guns For Hands

  71. I’m not sure if this is the right place to get this message to you, but I want Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, to know how much they have affected my life and those around me. Your music has made a huge impact on me and family. You have changed our perspective and when we were in a very dark place your songs changed us. It pulled us out of the hole we were falling into, because of you guys, you have brought me and boyfriend closer together, You have helped my boyfriend renew his relationship with his father. And your songs have encouraged me to love myself again. I listen to your albums everyday to and from work. I try to listen to other music and it just doesn’t make the cut. Even after listening to your music for so long now I still get goosebumps when I hear paticular songs. Thank you for being real. Thank you for being you. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Please keep creating music. Our world needs people like you two men. You are creating something wonderful and I hope it continues to grow. And I can never thank you enough. You saved my soulmates life and without him I am not me. From the bottom of my heart thank you. My dream is for my boyfriend and I to be able to meet you both one day. I am going to try and afford tickets to your concert on August 2 for him for Christmas. If I can afford it, it will be an honor to watch you all play. Thank you. Namaste.

  72. i’m here just like everybody else, to explain why i am forever grateful that twenty one pilots exists. except, i don’t think that there is a word, or maybe even several words, to describe twenty one pilots. my story starts off the same as everyone else’s. i was going through an insanely tough time. stress became unbearably binding, and most days i felt like i couldn’t breathe. i would cry at two am because sleep wouldn’t come to me. i would go for days without resting my eyes, and at times i felt like i was going insane. i fell into a hard depression, and every day hurt so much it was often hard for me to continue with normal things. nothing helped. i happened to hear tear in my heart on the radio and i laughed at the song, and decided to look more into their music. and i am so glad that i decided to do that, because ever since i picked up and listened to car radio and truce, my life transformed. their songs gave me the power to pull through. and not only their music spoke to me, but their image, their personalities, and everything they said gave me a reason to live again. they have completely transformed my life, and i will always, always be thankful. i love twenty one pilots, and i never will stop loving them. stay alive, friends. |-/

  73. My story: about 3 years I heard about the band and fell in love with music and it started out as just a band and just music about year after I had gotten into them things got really bad I got really depressed and I turned toward music as an escape form everything and that when they really stared to impact my life about and year ago I close friend of mine decided life wasn’t worth trying anymore and took his own life on November 23 2014 and thats when things got really tough I turned thing to help dull the pain other then music I did things that 3 years I never would have thought of doing I ended up in a hospital due to overdose I tried to take my own life I had fallen in a hole that I never thought I could get out of Thats when the band have become such a big impact on my life and when I really started to see them as more than a band and they saved me showed me that even though things can be hard you can get through it and you’ll be okay on September 27th i got to see my hero’s at their live show I felt so much happiness and i was totally myself at the concert and i love the band and the clique I just wanted to say to everyone it is worth it life does get better and your not going to be sad forever. Power to the local dreamer |-/ -Marissa

  74. So the world is never going to end, my LIFE is going to end, what am I going to do? I think to my self at night why am i like this am i crazy, and i mentally ill, I don’t know. Am i even going to make it another day? There are so many questions i could ask LIFE. But there is one thing that makes it all go away. TWENTY ONE PILOTS!!
    There music is like going to rehab for a year but it only takes a couple of minutes. I listened to there music as much as i can, my friend heard me singing Lane Boy and I got him hooked on them to. They are a LIFE changer. I always wanted to go to there concert and now i have a chance of rehab for five hours. I always do and will appreciate Josh and Tyler. Even though i am only 12 i still think they are the best and will help me make it through another night. MY NAMES BLURRY FACE AND I CARE WHAT YOU THINK!!

  75. Twenty One Pilots help me keep going I wouldn’t be alive without them they helped me stay alive.

  76. I’ve been a fan for years. I’m part of the hometown clique, so the boys actually go to my church (I haven’t met them yet, though). I just recently went to my first concert of theirs… words can’t describe the experience I had. The clique is my family, it’s like a home to me.
    I also have maladaptive daydreaming, a condition where you daydream almost constantly. It’s really hard to control, and the plots are as long and complicated as novels. When I first listened to twenty one pilots, I didn’t daydream. I didn’t need to. I believe that I daydream because I’m a lonely person. I’m a bit eccentric in general, and I don’t fit in very easily. Anywhere.
    Anywhere except for the Skeleton Clique.
    The music made me feel safe, and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. To date, twenty one pilots is the only thing that keeps me from daydreaming. I love this band and the fanbase with all of my heart, and I’m so grateful that they helped me learn to enjoy reality rather than living in fantasy all the time.
    Power to us, the local dreamers.

    • I’ve been a fan for years. I’m part of the hometown clique, so the boys actually go to my church (I haven’t met them yet, though). I just recently went to my first concert of theirs… words can’t describe the experience I had. The clique is my family, it’s like a home to me.
      (Side note: if anyone wants to share their story on Twitter, I run the Clique Stories account. It’s @clique_stories.)
      I also have maladaptive daydreaming, a condition where you daydream almost constantly. It’s really hard to control, and the plots are as long and complicated as novels. When I first listened to twenty one pilots, I didn’t daydream. I didn’t need to. I believe that I daydream because I’m a lonely person. I’m a bit eccentric in general, and I don’t fit in very easily. Anywhere.
      Anywhere except for the Skeleton Clique.
      The music made me feel safe, and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. To date, twenty one pilots is the only thing that keeps me from daydreaming. I love this band and the fanbase with all of my heart, and I’m so grateful that they helped me learn to enjoy reality rather than living in fantasy all the time.
      Power to us, the local dreamers.

  77. I’ve been to twenty one pilots for almost a year now and I’ve been so thankful to the boys for snapping me back to reality a few times and letting me enjoy things again, my step-father was unfortunately given a flesh eating bacteria at the time I first had heard of TOP. My step-dad was my best friend, he helped me through some stuff and I couldn’t imagine life without him. But getting a call saying that his heart stopped 3 times in one night and they fear he won’t last a week changes a lot of things. I didn’t want to eat, I had sleeping troubles, I was failing again in school and then I heard of TOP from some friends, and I began to enjoy things again. People thought I was crazy for listening to it because of how they sound. But it’s not just the different sound that I love about it. It’s because of the meanings, each song has something I can relate to in anyway. I wanted to leave a few times while my step dad was in the hospital but a man told me to stay alive for him, there was no one else I could stay alive for so I stayed alive, that man was Tyler Joseph. Of course josh dun also brings me life too! And so do all their silly vines and things, but their music keeps me going. Today I still listen to them everyday, and my step dad is alive and kicking and will be fully recovered by 2017, one thing he said was that he really wanted me to see TOP at some point in my life and hopefully I will get to see them next year when they come to Texas again soon. I love my small bean and red haired alien, I wish they knew I existed but I’m just face in the crowd, hopefully I can meet the people who empowered me in my darkest times. I am twenty one pilots because ‘I need to know that when I fail you’ll still be here’. We are twenty one pilots, and so are you.

  78. Hi, my name is Jaden.
    I was always treated badly by kids at school. They stress me out over everything I do. It left me depressed and extremely anti social. It was not healthy for me at all, I find it hard to sleep, I stress over everything I do so I don’t get criticized. Until the year of 2011 I heard their song Trees. After I heard the song I played it again and sung along until I lost my voice. Then I did more research on them and it turns out I love every single one of their songs. They really make me happy. I have been a member of the Skeleton Clique for four years now. Twenty One Pilots has helped me through a lot. No one else in my opinion is better than them. I hope I get to meet Tyler and Josh. If you guys are reading this, both of you are truly extraordinary people. I cannot wait to see you guys in July. I love you so frickin much! Thank you for the music and thank you for being there for me!

  79. Laura Beth Lorentz

    December 26, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    I didn’t know I could relate to an artist or group the way I can with the pilots. Music helps to calm Anxiety. Except a lot of music that I listened to and felt like I related to, seemed depress me even more and bring me down making me feel isolated and crazy. But this music lifts me up and encourages me. It is full of life. I can relate to it and not sink deeper. Instead their music encourages me to fight those battles. It is powerful music and I am so thankful I have been introduced to their music!!!

  80. Before I was enlightened with the hypnotic ballads of Tyler’s concerns or before I altered my thought process because the way this impactful duo kept me sane, I carried on my life in a manor that reflecting back on now, scares the hell out of me. Shaming myself and having a self-image that is enough to manufacture a life-long doubt filled travesty was the way I lived, the way I believed. Coming up around Febuary will mark the Anniversary of when I first encountered Twenty One Pilots. We as humans make these innate assumptions and judgments about things we know little about. When I first heard the lyrics of some of the songs I was greatly unaffected by their content. But me, being the damsel in distress, I needed some fulfillment to run on. I had nothing but doubt and shame. My story I know is not much different from the other of hundreds on this fan page, but as cheesy as it might sound, the impact these two and their creations have had on me are unfathomable. They have changed my life for the greater good and for that, I can never thank them enough for. The best way I can repay them is pass on the message they are so strongly emphasizing on. For that I will create (since I have been following the band I have founded my passion in writing and dramatics) and I will stay alive because I know now that I have reason to be breathing, I have reason to be alive. Thank you to all the people who filled the void within my heavy and quite dirty soul, Josh, Tyler, the clique, and those who never stopped believing in the person I wanted to be. Power to the local dreamer, stay true to yourself, and over all, stay alive |-/

  81. I want to look back at this period of my life as the time when TOP saved me. Someday I’ll listen to Migraine or Polarize ( or almost any other TOP song) and not be able to relate because I’ll feel much better than I do now. I know that that day will come. A time when I can sing their songs with a lighter heart and a stronger mindset. Tyler and Josh have given me the courage to stand up to my demons every single day.
    Thanks for making the music that no one else makes, guys. The meaningful stuff.

  82. Hi everyone! First, I’m French so sorry for my grammar or spelling mistakes… I hope you will understand what I mean, what I feel when I listen to this band even if I don’t speak English very well.
    I’m not what you called a Twenty One pilots’ fan because I discovered the band a mounth ago and I haven’tbeen to a concert and I don’t know the songs by heart but when I listened to their albums in my bedroom I feel so … different. I forgot everything and I just dance, whatever if I dance very badly. (I hope I will be a part of the “Skeleton clique” in few mounths or a few years!)
    I was surfing on a website when I saw this definition about the band: “sad songs that make you want to dance”. I was curious and I listened the first song I found on Youtube: Stressed Out. First, I thought “it sounds like rap” (I’m not keen on rap) but I heard the chorus and I fell in love with the band.Then, I understood it was wonderful lyrics with meanings and it is not a problem if it isn’t sung. In fact, it is so much better. It helps me to understand the lyrics (I’m French) and, in my opinion, songs have more soul. The songs’ tunes are in-cre-di-ble.
    So since this wonderful musical discovery, I have listened everytime to the band and I received the last album for Christmas.

    I just want to thanks the band for their songs, which are unique and made me discover a new musical universe, so different than mine but where I found my place.

    See you soon because I’m sure it is just the beggining of this story!

  83. Honestly, I would be nothing without this band they are just so powerful and deep. I think that their music is the best music ever and it’s just so powerful and I have no words on how to express my love for them and my only goal right now is to see them in concert or just in real life. I’ve drawn a lot of they’re albums covers and I would be nowhere without Tyler and josh. I know all or at least most of the lyrics to most the songs. And I’m 12. I wrote a letter to them but I don’t know where to mail it! If you know could you tell me!! I’m dying to tell them everything!!!!!!

  84. She feels lonely and depressed. Imagine a world on fire and put it into this young girls heart. No one understands her pain and suffering or her scars. Stand up and face the world useless idiot her dad says while she can’t stop listening to the voices inside her mind and the demons talking to her saying horrific junk about her sister. She gets to her cheap run down school at 7:00 and listens to twenty one pilots. Suddenly nothing hurts. All of her scars seem to disappear. No one is looking at her and nothing is wrong. She looks up at the ceiling and sees her dead mother with the face of an angel and the heart of gold. She falls to the ground. She doesn’t see anyone staring at her or whispering to their friends. But she wouldn’t care anyway as long as she has special music and deep thoughts in that music then she’s fine. The drums and the piano hit her like a wonderland. The voice of a emotional guy sets her to another world. And she feels like he gets her. Like these two guys will be by her side forever and as long as they play music she will be alright. And she has a reason to live.

    And she will try.

  85. MainstreamRebel

    January 16, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    First and foremost, be aware that I am likely the bands oldest fan :-p

    But I’m also a parent/adult who thinks she finally gets it. You need to know that we are out there…we’re not all imprisoned by the “shadows of our hometown”.

    This has been therapy for me and In turn for my daughter.

    I have never encountered a band who writes so authentically. Who’s main objective is to reach out those of us who feel lost: both young and old.

    They HAVE to disguise it in poetry otherwise it would be too intense to handle!! Lol.

    I feel the key to understanding their lyrics is to understand the message they’re trying to send. They are questioning conformity and perceived oppression.

    Their songs ask the questions, voice the skepticism towards anything that promotes “following the masses”: religion school, friends, media, family, community…. They’re not angry, they’re hurt and they’re frustrated.

    “I’m sorry” not for who I am but for questioning your beliefs and making you uncomfortable (Ode to Sleep).

    I don’t want to be on the highway (the straight and narrow) I want to be on a curvy road, one that changes. To always question, always learn and grow (Lane Boy).

    The second key to understanding their lyrics is to identify the meanings of their metaphors. They use these metaphors as constants in their songs. Though that may not be 100% accurate. Some of the words they use seem to have opposite meaning in some of the songs…I haven’t figured that out yet! Lol

    Example, he uses polar opposites when talking about the sun/moon, day/night, awake/asleep. There’s a couple of songs where he seems to flip the meaning…? I think. Lol

    I also see a theme in their style of music. Tyler raps when he is trying to send an important message. I think he raps it in order to appeal to the masses but to help the lost. It’s almost like a hidden message to the unheard. Those of us who are reminded everyday that we must conform, fit in.

    In Lane Boy he talks about being in constant confrontation between what he wants to say and what the music industry says is “popular”. I think they solved that through their instrumental style.

    He conveys in Be Concerned that this conformity raised a good “liar”. Someone who said, “yes I will follow” out loud but was screaming “why” in his head.

    I started listening to them for their music, their sound. I only recently dove into the lyrics because some phrases started sticking out. I recognized myself in their music, past and present. At the same time, my 15 year old daughter has been struggling “socially” since grade 7…one of those unheard (a turbulent INFP – website: 16Pesonalities, based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory).

    Currently, Fake You Out is my favourite song. It inspires me the most. It says what I have ALWAYS believed. It relates to my life personally as a teen and the first 22 years of adulthood. It also relates to my daughter’s life. I’ve never seen it so clearly. My goal as a parent has always been to raise an independent child who makes choices for herself, not others.

    I was met with a LOT of societal and familial resistance…and wasn’t strong enough to fight it. Now, I AM strong enough. I let go of the shame and realized that shame was what caused the “voices in my head”. The constant questioning, “am I ok”? The carrying of shame and not feeling worthy are what make us fear judgement (the power of vulnerability, Ted Talks).

    It leads us to depend on others to tell us what is right and wrong even though we’re grey. We deny that feeling inside us that something doesn’t feel right…the stress and anxiety becomes chronic…and our brains get sicker and sicker (Fake You Out). We feel helpless to escape this reality we don’t want to live in. So we get depressed, anxious, obsessive-compulsive…the list goes on.

    Understand this: stress is what underlies these mental “illnesses”, these sick brains. It’s why some of us self-medicate and why others sadly commit suicide.

    We’re given pills and if we’re lucky some therapy or help which is becoming too generalized and dare I say conforming (eg. AA). Many of us slip through the cracks because “they don’t understand” us. The frustration turns to hopelessness.

    What we need to realize is it’s OK if they don’t understand. It’s OK if they want to be a part of that world. I will stop defending myself against the judgments and listen to my bones, something they refer to a lot. I’m not positive yet, but I think “bones” speak to evolution, to science. What were we before the world got too? When pattern recognition became too much to handle. When humans were “born”, our priorities were food, shelter, safety and procreation. Like any animal.

    The one thing that makes us different than other animals is our brain. It is also what has gotten us into a lot of trouble. Our need for familiarity, or patterns, has become too much for our minds to handle. It’s why there is racism, prejudice and judgement.

    This is a band that both adults and teens SHOULD to, who don’t consider themselves “blurry faces”, just another number (Message Man: you don’t know my brain the way you know my name…).

    It’s something a parent and child can share together. It’s something that will show your child that you ARE plugged into him/her. That you WANT to get to know who they are and what makes them tick.

    I call it my own personal Music Therapy. Twenty-one Pilots are the therapists, my daughter and I are the clients. It has been amazing thus far. I’m no longer worried about my daughter or her ability to handle anything the future has in store for her.

    I am her biggest fan. Xoxo

  86. so I’m a huge fan of pentatonix and i have a fan account on twitter for them that I was on the other day and I noticed that a lot of people who are fans of PTX are fans of twenty one pilots. So i looked them up on youtube. the first thing I watched was an entire live set they did somewhere (i dont remeber the exact place) and then I watched a couple if interveiws. My reactions were: first, wow these guys are really unique. they are really giving it their all. second, they’re really funny too!! third, if i were in a band, id want to be in this one. and lastly, i love everything about this band and this music.

    So then I downloaded their music and today i listened to the whole blurryface album all the way through about 20 times nonstop without thinking. Everytime i listened to a song i would learn something new, something deeper about it that I didn’t realize before. I would connect to it on a different level. That blows my mind. the ideas, the questions, the statements that the songs impose – there are no words to express the feeling and connection you feel through those songs. And its not about the artist. its not about “wow that song means a lot to them.” It’s about what the songs make ME feel, make US feel, what the song teaches us about ourselves and the world; I think that’s the whole pirpose of art. The purpose of art: impose ideas that lead people to realize things about themselves and the world around them.

    I can’t believe the amount of anger and fear and sadness and depression I release by just listening to their music over and over again. I’m not saying this because I know this is what Tyler and Josh would want to hear, I’m saying this because it’s true. The music, the message, the sounds that twenty one pilots produce are therapudic and mind-blowing at the same time.

    I can’t stop thinking: If I were to produce music, that’s the effect I would want it to have.

    Before I watched that one youtube video 3 days ago, I had heard a couple of their songs. I didn’t know who they were by, but I always liked the songs, I just never lioked up the band. I just started “researching” them 3 DAYS ago and they have already changed my entire philosophy about music and art.

    I don’t really know what point I’m trying to make, but I guess it’s that before this, I loved music because of the artist and what they were trying to achive (like Pentatonix and their a capella legacy), but I love twenty one pilots’ music because of the legacy that it leaves in me.

    Thank you, TØP, for changing my life.

  87. hey yall its hallie again! since i’m so new to this, can someone let me into the terminology and stuff like that? I understand I’m not going to be as deep of a fan yet as some people (I havent known about them for more than 3 days and its already so far into their career as artists) but I really love this band and I want to be a part of whatever I can :) thanks

  88. Twenty One Pilots….. where do I start. Lets start off with me. Hello, im kate and thank you for taking your time to read how two boys saved,and changed my life for the better. Im in eighth grade, been through my fair share of shit that i would like to not mention. I was at a bad point in my life when my friend showed me the music video to Stressed Out. I was breathless and was almost brought to tears. Tyler spoke what i felt inside and Josh pounded out the beating of my heart and the pounding in my head. I remember how every day i felt worthless, i would cry myself to sleep to many times. But these two people… whipped away the tears, sat me straight up and told me to stay alive. That i mattered. That i was important. That someone, somewhere… cared. Josh has inspired me to become a drummer. This Christmas I burst into tear because i finally had enough to pursue my dream and GET MY DRUMS. When ever i need to escape…. twenty one pilots leads me out the door. And saves me once again …. Stay Alive |-/ I love you all.

  89. Hey again… i haven’t been feeling the best lately and I just wrote this song/rap… you can critique if you want.

    Death isn’t the end of things
    Somethings aren’t ment to change
    they say it’s written in the rain
    somethings aren’t the main thing but that doesn’t stop me from being king
    to continue onto the next verse
    Could cause a curse
    so emerse yourself
    and lose yourself
    Cause death’s door won’t stop you anymore

    Death is an illision
    followed by confusion
    It won’t stop if the clock stops ticking
    she won’t stop picking
    my mind won’t stop talking to me
    she’s stalking me
    Picking out my dark moments
    her eyes are potent
    No. I’m not dreaming
    She’s mining my brain.
    My mind is her train tracks.
    She won’t let me back
    Back to the way before it began.
    My head is ringing like a gong.
    Ripping out my hair.
    MY MIND?
    That’s not a truth, that’s a lie.
    Stop telling them you’re fine.
    Cause you’re not.
    Because you keep talking to me, to keep you company.

  90. My daughter auditioned with a solo dance she prepared to Holding on to you, and was accepted into a prestigious Performing Arts Junior High School majoring in dance. Her piece was ballet moves inspired by the video which is one of her earlies Childhood memories . She saw the video playing at Journeys store. Thank you thank you

  91. Layla Potter-Melmoth

    January 28, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    twenty- øne piløts is almost most definitly the reason I’m still here. They don’t know you, but niether do I, yet, I’d do nearly anything for these guys. People can say what they want about them, but these boys are my friends. I’ve read most of this fan stuff, and although we are all blurryface, in the sense that we care what you think, most people wont understand the bond we share together and with the band. Because I respect the band more than almost anything, I call them twenty-øne piløts. It makes my skin crawl when people type 21 pilots or something. Whatever though. My story? I’ve been a fan since I got depressed. They understand me more than I understand me. When I became an isomniac, they became more important to me. I sing them in my shower, whatever, call me weird. The band through and through has made my days bearable, and most times even great. He truly sings the way I feel. In lovely, when it sounds like Tyler’s singing to me, tears in his eyes, lump in his throat, but yet he would rather have me happy. Think about it next time you hear it, it’ll make you happy, that I promise.
    Anyways, I have a day to complete with the help of twenty-øne piløts, Goodbye. And if you boys are reading this, I love you, and it would make me cry if you responded :)

  92. Layla Potter-Melmoth

    January 28, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    twenty- øne piløts is almost most definitly the reason I’m still here. They don’t know you, but niether do I, yet, I’d do nearly anything for these guys. People can say what they want about them, but these boys are my friends. I’ve read most of this fan stuff, and although we are all blurryface, in the sense that we care what you think, most people wont understand the bond we share together and with the band. Because I respect the band more than almost anything, I call them twenty-øne piløts. It makes my skin crawl when people type 21 pilots or something. Whatever though. My story? I’ve been a fan since I got depressed. They understand me more than I understand me. When I became an isomniac, they became more important to me. I sing them in my shower, whatever, call me weird. The band through and through has made my days bearable, and most times even great. He truly sings the way I feel. In lovely, when it sounds like Tyler’s singing to me, tears in his eyes, lump in his throat, but yet he would rather have me happy. Think about it next time you hear it, it’ll make you happy, that I promise.
    Anyways, I have a day to complete with the help of twenty-øne piløts, Goodbye. And if you boys are reading this, I love you, and it would make me cry if you responded :)

  93. (@bluetyler on ig)

    So I’m relatively younger than most of the clique (I’m a seventh grader), but my brother introduced me to twenty one pilots about a year ago. The first song he played for me was House of Gold, and I immediately fell in love with it. When I heard Car Radio for the first time, it was a religious experience. Although I had never struggled with mental disorders or anything of that kind before, I had always felt sort of uncertain in my friend group and felt like I didn’t fit in, to the point where I didn’t want to spend time with my friends, but discovering twenty one pilots was like discovering a better version of a home. I felt safe and comfortable and accepted listening to their music, and coming into the clique was probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

  94. When I started to really get into the music of twenty one pilots was about 4 months ago. I’ve been going through so many pain, negitive thoughts, and depression and anxiety for years. Twenty One Pilots has changed my life! I can’t stand listening to other songs on the radio, I can only stand 21 pilots because I just cannot get enough of there music. I love how it’s sad, drepressing, screaming, it makes you feel so great inside, emotional, you can name it all. I would really love to go see them live, in Ohio. Sadly, I can’t because I’ve been having really bad health problems over the past year(s). I was supposed to go see them a few years ago, but I had to give up my tickets to some great kids that enjoyed the show better than I would have back then. Ever since, every time I look for tickets they have been sold out. I just really love their music! It describes how I feel all the time, no music has ever inspired me so much before.

  95. awe I love this page help im crying this is beautiful i love twenty one pilots

  96. i just recently started liking twenty | one | pilots im ashamed that I just started to like them bc I’m thinking why did I just find out of them help , I love their song stressed out let’s me real here that’s the first song I heard by them I’ve heard bout them but never got to really listen to them and I just handhelds sighs awwwwww! okay I need to chill but I literally am crying bc I wanna see them in concert ahhhhhh! okay I love youuuu twenty|one|pilots

  97. when my girlfriend left me it was tough, and I mean really tough…I thought about killing myself a lot but then I realized if I was dead id never get to hear tyler sing his meaningful words or hear josh bash on his drums. these two idiots helped me through son much and I owe them my life. thank you twenty one pilots. I love you guys please keep making amazing music and never forget that you two saved a lot of people. signed jay k. gibson

  98. Penny for my thoughts?

    February 22, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    How has Twenty One Pilots affected my life?

    Well, with each new day, I bear the weight of yesterday, so each time the sun rises, it will be the most painful day of my life. To be able to function, I’ve managed to contain my daily breakdown to the shower. I play loud music in there and it stifles my wailing. The water washes away the evidence and I emerge from the bathroom wearing a fresh mask. My house mates complain sometimes because I’m in there for an awfully long time. Sheeesh, if they could only know how much time I’d really like to spend in there. But I’d never wish to expose them to even a tiny glimpse of the demons I harbour. Best to let them believe I’m just a selfish bathroom hog.

    But, I’ve got it down to a fine art and I can now fall to pieces and piece it together in just half an hour. That’s all I’ll allow myself now. So, to get through the rest of the day and go into “zombie-mode”. Basically, I spend the entire day being fake. I laugh at jokes, I adorn my believably warm friendly smile, I interact, and contribute to conversations, I call people back and reply to messages. But my brain is screaming and crying and rotting away through all it. When I get home, I’m exhausted and I can’t wait to just frown. But wait, I can’t. I have house mates. I have to play charades until they’ve all finally gone to bed. That’s usually around 1am. I’d love to be able to sleep too but I’ve been a zombie all day and my brain takes advantage of the alone time to switch back on and think for a bit. Oh no. My brain has started thinking. It’s 3am already and I’ve only just gotten my head around the first wave of ridiculous thoughts my brain had conjured. I’m sad, I’m crying, I’m alone, I’m logical (and that is so frustrating), I’m tired and I look at the clock and I have to get up in an hour. I can’t wait to stop thinking and switch back to zombie-mode. That hour is dangerous. I make it to shower breakdown time once again. But yesterday was tough so I take a bit longer but now my mates are struggling with my selfishness and their tolerance is wearing thin. I can’t seem to keep my bridges from igniting. I have no strength to plan for tomorrow when I used it all fighting for today.

    So. How have Twenty One Pilots changed my life? I recite their songs in my head all day and it makes fake happy-ing just a little bit easier because my zombie likes to sing. In fact, my zombie starts to feel a flicker of life every now and then. When I hear the lyrics, I realise that I don’t think there’ll ever be a cure for what I have, and that makes me sad. But for some strange reason I find strength in that. It makes me want to be able to get to a point where I can tolerate the pain and actually live for a day. That would be nice. And hey, if I could do one day, why not two? Twenty One Pilots have helped me accept. And I know that if any of my family or friends knew what could have so easily happened to me, they would be extremely grateful. I know I am. My family aren’t like me so it would confuse them and break them if I left them. I carry the weight so they don’t have to know heartache. My suffering is just that bit more bearable listening to Twenty One Pilots.

    Thank you Tyler and Josh for sharing your heartache with me. I’m sorry for your battles.

  99. I’ve recently began to listen to all there songs, I love listening to them by myself. Every song has its own unique meaning and its honestly its beautiful. I’ve been wanting to tattoo one of Tyler Joseph’s tattoo on my arm. And i really wanted to ask fans if its okay to do that? I understand completely that they have a personal meaning to him but one of his tattoos kinda just spoke to me and reminded me of something personal. As loving fans of Twenty One Pilots I’d love to hear feedback..? If its possible.

  100. Tøp is the only Band who makes music that describes how i feel. And it really took so much time to realise that i’m not alone with this shitty Depressions. I met a freakin cute Boy at the tøp concert in munich this month. I want to met more of you guys. My fb is Anny Urie, add me if you want. Love you guys,Stay alive ❤

  101. Hey i just came across this page, almost everyday i read these, your stories inspire me daily because reading these shows that I’m not the only one that has depression and top is making my blurryface(depression& insecurities) wash away. i use to cry everyday because of everything that went on in my life. Now every time i feel like it i just put my headphones in or blare it through the house and i feel all better or a little bit better, and to add onto that the clique has helped me way to much, more than I can thank. When i think not the wrong stuff i just think of tyler and how he was over comes his depression and he lives today to tell us that we can make it too. I am so thankful i found this band because without it who knows if i would still be here. Even though the friends that use to love them as much as i do don’t anymore i still have the colorado clique and every other state clique to. Thank you for saving my life, and for everyone else you batter stay alive to because it might not seem worth it now i promise it will late. stay street and sick as frick |-/

  102. Blurryface I-/

    March 1, 2016 at 10:00 am

    I saw some people at school with some Twenty One Pilots stuff on, so I considered listening to them. Then I heard Tear In My Heart. For some reason, it really resonated with me. I listened to some of their other music after. I liked it, but did not really get it. One day, I just had a crappy day and was listening to Pandora. Then I heard Car Radio for the first time. I was completely obsessed! I was thinking about how to kill myself, and was in a mini-lapse of depression. I looked up the other songs. All these songs I had already heard were inspiring me in a way I did not know was possible. It was 2 AM and I was jamming to Ode To Sleep. I knew the demons would not take me away. I knew I was Fairly Local and had a Heavydirtysoul that needed saving. But I just kept Holding Onto my headphones, and I was fine. Thank you Twenty One Pilots, for getting me through one tough night and plenty others after that

  103. twenty øne piløts has changed my entire life,from music,to my attitude. I want to josh and tyler for their amazing work. I dream of meeting them and seeing them live(wouldn’t that be “lovely”XD ) but, i may never get that chance. I just have to say this, i love this band so fricking much. i really do, i can’t wait for their future albums!!! i love you guys!!!

  104. How has twenty one pilots affected your life?

    They affected my life in the form that i see my problems because i’m thinking so mucho in killing myself for much kinds of problems, but them music said me things that nobody said me like: “Please don’t think about why u can’t sleep in the evening”… So.. i don’t have much for say… i just try to save me myself with them music everything because everyday i think in die… but i know that them music save me… sorry for my bad english, i still learn… <3

  105. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and I know that it doesn’t matter in most cases, but it does for this story. My whole life I’ve felt as if Tyler and Josh, with everything that they do and have done- saved me. But I’ve come to realize that that is not true. After truly analyzing my situation, I’ve discovered that they did not in fact save me, but taught me to save myself. I think that is so much more important. Because I now have myself to count on, and them to hold on to, and fall back on when I need a hand. But if for any reason I can’t have something to save me all of the time, I now have myself. I know how to deal with my head. And it’s such a relief knowing that I found them so early in my life. If I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t be here today. And I can not that them, or the clique, enough. |-/ Stay alive, I love you all.

  106. I guess I would classify my story as one of the more casual and typical ones. I’m a 15 year old girl in Minnesota dealing with some hard times. And when I say hard times, I I don’t say it for attention or exaggerate. Back in August 2015, I came down with a terrible everlasting sadness I could not get rid of. In the same month, I was thinking of ending it all so I got rid of whatever I was dealing with…but decided to hold on a little bit longer. In early Decemeber, I was sitting in my living room all alone one night going through the iTunes Radio when suddenly Car Radio starts to play and I found it extremely catchy and different than any song I’ve heard before. Afterwards, when every song ended I hoped that song would play again and when it did, I decided to go on their radio. I immediately fell in love with their music. I begged my parents for tickets for Christmas but unfortunately, my parents didn’t want me to go. Luckily, during the Christmas party we were having my sisters found out i liked them a lot and they said they would look into the tickets. Early in January I got a call from my sister saying she bought tickets, now they’re not the greatest seats ever but nonetheless I’m so happy to be going. Tyler and Josh has helped me when it’s 3 am and I’m so alone and don’t know what to do…they just keep me company. They’ve made me laugh (TBsaga…) and they’ve made me cry (Migraine/Truce). But what I can’t forget, is that they saved me March 18th 2016. I was on vacation in the cities and I was in a hotel and it was midnight. I couldn’t sleep because my demons/thoughts were getting to me…I snuck out and started walking towards the parking ramps with earbuds in my ears when I heard the song Truce come on….Tyler’s vocals when he sang “Stay alive,stay alive for me” snuck through me like a wave of emotions. If I did this, I would never go to the concert or hear his voice again, or watch another interview with Josh and Tyler laughing and talking about Chipotle…is that what I wanted? No…
    Tyler and Josh was there and still is here for me and for everybody.
    I just wish I could thank them for that night and for them saving so many other lives. Life is so mean when you can’t thank your heroes for saving you because they’re so “untouchable”. I was thinking of writing a letter (with Tyler and Joshs name signed on it) and leaving it with a crew member or on the floor/stage…but I have no idea where to find the crew or anything…if anyone could help me I would deeply appreciate it….
    But if the letter is never found or given, Tyler and Josh…thank you, you saved me and now I owe my life to you guys. You guys are both great people and I’m proud to say you two saved me and are my heroes. I really hope I can meet you two (and give hugs) or at least have you read my letter. I love you guys, keep being so special and creating. <3
    Thank you, Tyler and Josh.
    -Holly S.

  107. TØP, changed my life because they have given me hope and inspiration. It is my first time to be a fan. I mean, the “fangirling” thing. I feel the urge to listen to their musics everytime because it helps me to be motivated and sometimes when i’m sad and depressed i just listen to their songs or watch their vines and it makes me feel better. I will always love Twenty Øne Piløts. And also, their fans are the most positive and kindest people that i’ve encountered on the internet, they are friendly, fun, and cool. I’d love to be a part of the Twenty One Pilots Fandom because i’m just new and i’ve just discovered them last 2 weeks… Thankyou for reading. :) i hope that i can join their fandom. |-/

    P.S: Umm I was just wondering why is Dan and Phil connected to Twenty One Pilots? Thankyou everyone, best fandom ever :)

  108. Bre Saunier - Denver, Colorado

    April 10, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    Today I heard the song Before You Start Your Day for the first time. I started crying as I related to the words sung.

    I’m going thru a horrible divorce. The guy I’m married to is telling people he doesn’t know who I am and I am stalking him. It hurts. Love hurts. I’m spending my 401k on thousands of dollars in lawyers fees.

    As I heard the song verse, “Look into the mirror and ask yourself if you’re alright”, I thought THAT’S ME. How did I ever get to this place in life.

    Thank you Twenty One Pilots for your meaningful music!

    I saw you at the amphitheater in Denver, Colorado and you guys were amazing and I loved your energy. The tickets for your shows this summer at Red Rocks are already sold out. Ugh. Let me know if more tickets become available.

    From my heart,

    Bre Saunier

  109. Hi, I have had a lot of things happening in my life the past couple of years and to make a really long story short I have a disorder that makes me hurt everyday kind of like arthritis. I have had 7 surgeries and 4 have failed. I felt like there was no one around me who understood and I turned to music for comfort. I make up jams on uke, drums, piano, and sing every once in a while. I found Tyler and Josh when looking at new artists and immediately made a connection. It was like they had been writing about my life without even knowing who I was. Every time I listen to their music (Polarize especially) I feel like there are people out in the world somewhere who are going through what I am and I’m not alone. It helps knowing my thoughts aren’t pointless and that there are people who are wondering the same things I am. I want you to know it will be okay and you will find peace with the cards you were dealt… somehow and someday I will understand why I was given this life and why God chose me and others to be given such hard struggles when we feel like we are the weakest soldiers.

  110. Marissa Elliott

    April 17, 2016 at 1:10 am

    I’m a mother of four. I suffer from severe life long depression. I have a growth in my brain and I am scared to have surgery because I could go blind. But if I don’t, I could have an aneurysm anytime. I fight to be happy and to stay alive every day. I got kicked out of a mental hospital because they thought my condition required surgery immediately but I sounded crazy to my family when I said I wanted to stab the pain away. My daughter’s found this band for me and I am so grateful. We can’t wait to see you in Austin! I-/ I don’t think I did that correctly but we all love you guys!

  111. JULIA lapointe

    April 17, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    So basically their my life and i finally got to see them in concert two weeks ago and it was literally the best night of my life i actually got to them 5 metres away from me breathing the same air I’m going to start crying now I have an obsession with them I love them so much I know every song every lyric everything they have done they are my LIFE

  112. You guys gave me hope when I had none. You were always there for me though your music and nothing can replace that. You don’t know how much you make life more bearable. You have helped me through times when I couldn’t help myself. You’ve gotten me through dark places. When I first heard you say “stay alive” I really thought about it and it changed my life and I can’t thank you enough for saying it. You are my inspiration and my desire. I don’t know what I would do with out you and without your music. I can’t really explain it but I want to thank you. If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would be able to be writing this right now. |-/

  113. Dear 21P Friends and Family,

    I am an actor, writer and filmmaker. I am living a charmed life. One day a band and their music touched me so deeply that I have never looked back. They inspired me to pursue my dreams and I have been for over 30 years.

    Then 2 weeks ago 21P touched me for the first time with their music just like 30 years ago.

    One of the most important connections is between Tyler’s lyrics and a film I am creating about a trouble potential high school shooter meeting with her Principal one final time.

    Why are kids having such dark feelings they choose some kind of end game. Death. Suicide. Columbine.

    One of the most important topics for young people and parents today within our communities is mental health in our youth and another important issue is how it’s dealt with by educators.

    I want to spark an intelligent conversation that goes beyond the horrors of the headlines with our compassionate dramatic short film.

    If you can take a moment to read about our short film, meet the filmmakers and listen to real youth in our videos, you will have an opportunity to contribute and be part of an important film.

    Let me know if you’d like to talk more about any issue.
    Thank you so much for your support.


  114. This band is so much more then lyrics on a screen or a simple beat you just dance to, every single word has a meaning and every verse acts as a attempt to grab if only just one broken soul and mend it. You don’t come across a band like that, not as unique as TOP. And in a world of hatred, disease, war and tragedies this band at the end of the day puts the aftermath of all that in context. If that’s not amazing then I honestly don’t know what is… I have struggled with suicidal thoughts for the past four years and just in these past few months have found myself visiting the hospital twice for a stomach full of pills. I’m only 17 and this life has given me a reality check earlier then I think any kid should be granted but when I’m in my room at 3am crying I know I have one band that I can go to and listen to and feel better from. TOP is so much more then just a band, it’s a revolution of self to many of us out there. It’s a beam of light in this unfair world and sometimes serves as our last method of defense from our minds. Their songs provide us ammunition to shoot at all the mistakes, lies, and disorder in our minds without causing any harm in the process. And that, to me, is a miracle.

  115. Twenty One Pilots does more then inspire me or save my live..they made it better. I found their music years ago…people judged parents thought they were just immature guys that are depressed. I saw them differently. I dance like a crazy person when any of their songs come on. I really would love to meet them one day, but I don’t really have the money. All that matters to me is if they keep playing their music. Every lyric they sing is how I feel. Thank you! I love ya’ll so much!

  116. The transition from 8th to 9th grade was by far the worst thing that I ever experienced. Everything went wrong at that point in my life. Towards the end of 8th grade, I was diagnosed with depression. I began to listen to this band, Twenty One Pilots. I never knew that two guys singing about their own problems could help me so much. Half way through freshman year, I amongst others began to feel the stress, and endless due dates, luckily, I had them. Whenever things turned dismal, I would turn to them. Their healing verses and chords have done a phenomenal job in aiding in my healing process. The duo has done seemingly endless acts for my mental state and they aren’t even aware. Tyler and Josh, if you’re reading this by any chance, just know that I love you and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you or your lyrics.

    I owe this to you, Tyler and Josh, my heroes.

  117. Twenty One Pilots…. Oh, where do I start? The two very amazing men that make up this band are nothing less than my saviors. Their music lifts me up when I’m done; their lyrics are some of the best I’ve ever heard, because they’re open-ended, which lets you create your own meaning for them. Because, isn’t that what they stand for? Creating your own meaning?
    I absolutely adore these silly, thought-provoking men. I don’t think I can imagine my life without them or their music. It’s hard to imagine that I was even alive before I started listening to them. If I ever get the chance to meet them, I would only want to say one thing to them: “Thank you.”

  118. So, bit of a shortish-longish story? Here it goes

    When I heard my first Twenty One Pilots song last summer, (Forest or House of Gold, I believe) I seriously disliked the band. At the time, I just didn’t understand what they were trying to say in the lyrics, so I passed them off as a weird indie group.

    It wasn’t until October that I truly “heard” their music. I’ve always known my brain was wired a little differently thanks to good ‘ol ADHD, but the last few years I’ve kinda been blasted by mental weirdness. In addition to the ADHD, I developed mild depression and moderate to serious anxiety. When Fall rolled around, thing went from dark to darker, and I encountered suicidal thoughts for the first time.

    It was terrifying, I couldn’t shake them no matter how hard I tried, and I felt like I was broken beyond repair. I listened to playlists on 8tracks to get my mind off of it, and one of the songs that played on one of the mental illness playlists was Migraine. I felt an instant connection with the lyrics, they were all so /right/, even though I still have yet to experience a migraine.

    Every line sang the truth. I hadn’t heard music so honest in ages, it was a truly refreshing feeling. I remember listening to it over and over for hours, even days on end until I felt better. It didn’t take long for me to discover the rest of their music, and I’ve been a dedicated fan ever since.

    Without Tyler and Josh, I wouldn’t be where I an right now. I wouldn’t necessarily be six feet under, but I would certainly be more guarded and self-hating than I am now. I’ve learned to seek them out whenever that little murderer in my mind gets particularly viscous, which has unfortunately happened quite a bit lately. This music has been sewn to my soul, and by God I’m glad it was.

    Welp, that’s my story. I love you all! Remember guys, stay alive

    • hey Cham,

      This is such an empowering story and I love it :) thank you for sharing. Oh my gosh, SAME. When I first heard Stressed Out I wasn’t interested, and shook them off. But I started hearing it everywhere, and I listened to the lyrics properly.. And I loved it so much. And now that I’ve heard all their songs, there’s so many relate able ones. I, myself, have gone through some tough times and twenty one pilots just saved me and I am lucky enough to be able to see them perform live at the Reading Festival. Thanks for sharing Cham, stay alive |-/ <3

  119. I have been checking out all the comments and views of the twenty one pilot fans and have noticed all of them to be very young in age. Well I am 46 years old and can honestly say this band is by far the most impressive band I’ve seen in a very long time. They have given me inspiration and hope that I really needed at the time. Their talent is amazing, especially for being so young. I want to know if they are into astral projecting (which I am into) because I really want to know what they get out of it…if it’s a good or bad thing to do. Does anyone know if they are into it?

  120. I’m 42 & I’ve been a music geek my whole life. My favorite all time band are the RHCP, I didn’t think it’d be possible for any new band to take me away & create the perfect soundtrack to my life, I can’t stop listening to ‘Vessel’ & ‘Blurryface’. These guys are FKN absolutely geniuses, ‘migraine’ ‘ode to sleep’ ‘heavydirtysoul’ ‘the run & go’ ‘goner’ ‘car radio’ ‘not today’….jeez I FKN LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG. I’ve danced I’ve cried I’ve laughed, sometimes all at the time while listening to this awe inspired music….I’m eternally lost & my heavydirtysoul gets a little relief with these two amazing guys. July 2nd, they’re playing here in my hometown., it’s keeping me going for the time being….them & my dogs. Much love, & THANK YOU TO THEM FOR BEING THEM & making this music that connects to me in way no other music has ever…listening now ‘semi-automatic’
    “I’m double sided, and I just can’t hide, I kinda like it, when I make u cry, I’m TWISTED UP”

  121. It has been 3 years, and the only thing that’s been keeping me alive is that somehow a boy who lives on the other side of the world took some feelings that were almost impossible to convey and translated them into words and melodies. A boy who speaks in a different tongue and lives in a different culture managed to put together those words according to those melodies and create. He created my relief. He created my happiness and joy. He created the energy I used to get up every morning. He created the belief in my mind that I am not as alone as I thought I am. He created hope and implanted will in me. He can tell how I feel before I try to explain it. I owe him every breath I take.

  122. so i could sit here and write for countless hours on how they helped me but all i have to say is that they saved my life and im so grateful.

  123. These guys..helped me a lot when I was thinking to much about suicide and death…these guys are heroes to me my friends think they suck but i say they rock! People say I’m weird but I say that I’m a proud weird nerdy dumb Mexicano person sure I may be emøtiønal but i say I may be that but also very fun once you get to notice me!
    Together the skeleton clique will guide me and others to the meaning of life!

    Together we will over come anxiety, depression and all that other stuff!


  124. TØP has gotten me through a lot of things. Without them, I would be nothing. Without them, I would be dead. I feel their music, their rhythms, and their lyrics deep inside my soul. I know that I’m not the only one, I can see here, on this site that I am not alone. Tyler and Josh have saved many people from committing suicide, including my best fren, who I love and can thank Twenty One Pilots for saving her. Their lyrics have so much meaning, and their music is the best I have ever heard, I listen to them all day and every day, and finally, in January, my best fren and I will get to see them live, in Albany. That day will be the best one of my life, I am certain.

    Stay alive, frens, and keep listening to TØP

  125. I just listened to lovely for the first time.. the lyrics really hit the spot for me. Tyler and Josh have helped me through so much and I can’t thank them and all of you in the clique enough for keeping me going. I know that there are others of you out there going through the same thing as me so please, keep going, I love you. Stay alive |-/

  126. I started listening to Twenty One Pilots, because of my friend Maddie. I started to really enjoy their music. My aunt had been the best EVER when she gave me a ticket to see them! It was a HUGE influence on me. Twenty One Pilots made my life filled with joy! Ever since I left the concert, I felt like I wanted to cry, because I miss them! They were so amazing and they put on such a great show and made me the happiest person ever! I really want SOO badly to meet them. They influence me positivity through there music. Every time I listen to Twenty One Pilots music, it makes me so happy to know that hey support their fans 100%! And I really want to thank them for that! So if Tyler and Josh are reading this, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU BIRH MAKE ME SO HAPPY!❤️

  127. Feels like saving my life… Over and over again

  128. I am an actor and writer. I am one of the most passionate U2 fans out there in the world. One of the reasons I connect with U2 is the feeling I get from the anthemic soulful thumping beat, the harmonious guitar echoing through me along with lyrics that stay stand up and make a difference.

    I recently found twenty- one pilots and cannot believe how similar I feel about 21P as I do with U2. I am addicted to their weight and flight of their music and lyrics. I am forever a fan.

    The most important reason for me to comment here is because I am producing a short film about mental health in our youth and the role of the educator that I have written. It’ll be shot in LA later this year and reach out to as many thousands of youth and educators I can. I want this film to support the dialogue about mental health in our youth and go beyond the horrors of the headlines like 21P do in their lyrics.

    If there is anyone interested in learning more please check out the films FB page:
    and the films past funding page for a closer look at the story of the film

    If anyone here wishes to reach out to talk further about your story, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    You are my audience and I want my film to reach out on your behalf, so each one of us have someone to talk to when in need.

    thank you Josh and Tyler for your wonderful minds and souls.


  129. tøp,
    I’ve heard Tyler describe his songs as juxtapositions of his dark vocals and Josh’s upbeat, sunshiny drumming. I first fell in love with tøp for their unique sound and way of presenting their songs. They step away from being defined by any structure or template that may exist, bridging together genres in albums and even in single songs. After amusing myself with the presentation of their message, the songs became fun to learn, challenging myself to master the difficult raps and melodies in songs such as Kitchen Sink, March To The Sea, Migraine, Guns For Hands, and Ode To Sleep. After countless hours of singing every word, I still hear different things for the first time. The happy-sounding melodies had hidden parts of the songs’ messages, and those messages slowly began to reveal themselves to me. By letting each phrase sink into my mind, I learn new interpretations of the lyrics and picture more clever figments of Tyler’s imagination. Discovering and uncovering each layer of metaphor leads me to feel this indescribable emotional response to their artwork. By analyzing my reaction, I learn more about myself. I suffer from depression, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and self-doubt, and Tyler and Josh’s own experiences and insecurities cause their music to resonate with me like no other music does. They sing of things often contemplated but seldom discussed, and these heavy topics need to be addressed. Every day I continue to discover this music and discover myself. In making me feel as though I am not alone and letting me know that I have a right to feel what I feel, this band has saved my life. They have helped so many people get through their darkest days. Their lyrics aren’t for everyone, and only few understand, but those who do are forever grateful. I know I am. If I could write to them or say something to them, I’d tell them to never stop doing what they’re doing. However their clique continues to grow and evolve, they should always stay true to their message. I would tell Tyler to keep letting us into the battlefield that is his mind while he combats your demons and in turn holds off ours as well.
    |-/ Eliana

  130. I had a friend at school who loved alternative music and animation. He sent me an animated version of Migraine which I ended up really enjoying. I was currently going through some confusion after both my best friends were moving away. Listening to their songs brought me into a happier place. I got into the fandom (the clique) afterwards and instantly felt very welcome into the community. After BlurryFace released I downloaded the album to bits. And before I knew it I had both Vessel and Self Titled, interacting with fellow clique members, and overall feeling a lot less lonely.

  131. I discovered twenty one pilots with tear in my heart and almost no one in my country knew about them, so i was excited to find new music and i started to listen to truce and i just felt like someone was there for me, i felt like i was not alone anymore, and i listened to the rest of their songs and found out the beautiful message they want to send to all of us.
    I have been struggling with depression for almost 6 months now, and their music, along with other artists, makes me fell better with my self every day and they remind me that it is worth to stay alive |-/

  132. My daughter fell in love with TØP I listened with her and agreed how amazing the music and message was. I surprised her with tickets to a show, her 1st concert ever. Of course I wanted to be right there in the pit with her to experience it . There are no words for it. The effect and the place given to the younger generation, to have a place to be, a place to fit. I am so glad she has this place to idenditlfy with and i am so happy I could be there with her to have that moment. The people that finally have a voice, thank you for all you do. You have no idea how much you actually touch people young and old. I am so happy this was her 1st experience of a live concert.

  133. I’ve been stuck in a rut for the last several years here, mostly mental illness related among family problems, identity, and loneliness, and I came across Tøp’s amazing music. It touched me in a way that I didn’t know music was capable of.
    It inspired me in so many ways and some I don’t even know, and I gotta say that a lot of us are depressed, or have been, and often we’re outcasts. Now I don’t feel so alone. I still wanna make friends near me, at school and everything, but the music helped me and so many others.
    I really wanted to kill myself. I didn’t know how I could possibly go on. No one I knew supported me enough or understood what I was going through. Most of them wouldn’t even try listening. Only God knew. But I started listening to this music, and there they were. People that thought nearly the same way I did.
    Very gradually, I have noticed some improvement since I started listening to them.
    A couple weeks ago, I was lying in bed, probably drawing, and listening to twenty One Pilots (probably Ode To Sleep) and I realized something. I haven’t harmed myself or really thought much about suicide for a couple months.
    I’m still depressed, sure. But I have made so much progress and a lot of it is thanks to these two beautiful people,
    as well as my own stubbornness, determination and God’s will.
    I’m still very sad I can’t go to the concert tonight or tomorrow but I’m so glad I have their music embedded in my soul.

    (I also wonder if they read this site at all. Because I want to tell them thank you. If you are reading this, either of both of you, then thank you for everything you have done for me and everyone else that has been touched by your music. Bless you both.)

  134. Tøp inspires me so much. Ive gotten my whole class in the tøp fandom i remeber when one of my friends killed themselves and tøp was there supporting me when no-body else was. Ive moved on and my new friend had a suicidal friend who loved her as much as my friend did. We both relate so much and we just love tøp so much i dunno how i wouldv’e survives without them

  135. I really like it when folks come together and share opinions.

  136. That one lonely girl

    July 6, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    So my story is long but I’ll try to keep it short…

    I believe that I have had my anxiety disorder my entire life. It makes me scared to talk to people and turns leaving the house into a nightmare. I’ve never been able to interact very well socially. Around 4th grade I had my first panic attack. The tiniest things triggered me: being around alcohol, going to school. etc. Around the same time I developed Major Depressive Disorder, better known as depression. By age 11, I already felt like I would be better off dead. I was falling deeper and deeper into the dark part of my mind. I didn’t tell anybody about how I was feeling until the end of 6th grade. I then tried out multiple therapists, all of them seeming to make the situation worse. I was also put on multiple medications, resulting in lots of ugly side effects. But then in the middle of 7th grade, three great things happened, I found the perfect therapist, my medication was starting to work, and I broke out of my bubble gum pop phase and found twenty one pilots. Their music gave me the best medication I’ve ever been on, hope. I could relate to their lyrics more than anything else. I felt like someone understood me, like someone cared. The thingI love most about them is that their motto is “stay alive”. Thats all that they need for me to do, and their music will be there to help me. I’m going to get it tattooed on my wrist when I’m 16. Right now it’s the summer after 7th grade, and things are getting better. Each day is a battle, but its one that I’m winning more often.

  137. So, I might as well comment how much they changed my life.
    Their first song I heard was Car Radio, and I connected with it and understood it, because I’ve always been really low with my self confidence and esteem, and I have self destructive thoughts a lot. I told my friends about the song, and what I believed it meant to me, and they told me that I was wrong, that it was just about his car radio being stolen.
    They didn’t understand.
    I listened to more and more of their songs, and honestly, it changed my life. I was in a dark place at that time, and everytime I feel/felt like I was on the edge of breaking, their deep and raw lyrics pulled me back up. I’ve had to be strong for myself, and they gave me the strength. I cannot really explain to someone how much their songs mean to me, but I love how they don’t romanticise depression or suicide.
    This is hard to explain, so I’ll just say, they gave me strength when I couldn’t get back up.

  138. Hello Frens!

    My name is Michael. I am a 43 year old father of 3. Not your prototypical TOP fan I know. I felt the need to share my story with you all. My middle daughter is 14 years old. Gracie has been a fan for 3 years (give or take) now. When she started listening to TOP I was skeptical. While I consider my taste in music to be very eclectic, I first started listening to the band with intentions of finding something negative to say to my daughter about Josh and Tyler’s music. You see she has struggled sometimes with “friends” and certain social protocols. While she is beautiful, smart and a joy to be around, she doesn’t quite see herself in that light. Listening to the music takes her to places words alone can not! After listening to the songs and trying to pick apart the lyrics to find why she was listening to these “heathens” I began to find myself enjoying the music. I enjoyed the wide variety of songs and seemingly endless genres (you can’t pigeon hole these guys). I enjoyed the energy their music was bringing to my soul. I enjoyed the level of talent I could hear from them in every song. And after researching and dissecting the lyrics I especially enjoyed the meaning I was gathering from the lyrics. I then discovered that I was actually a fan of these incredibly talented men. I now consider myself a full blown member of the clique. While I am probably not even close to the median age range of their fan base, I know every word to every song that TOP or Tyler has ever recorded that is available to the public. We attended the concert yesterday at the Allen Road Show in Texas and all I can say is before the show I was already a huge fan and now I am an even “huger” fan. FAN FOR LIFE! The level of entertainment you experience at their shows is off the charts. It was the most entertaining and exciting concert I have ever attended. We started waiting in line at 3:00 a.m. (with what seemed like thousands of other frens) and my Gracie and her friend were fortunate enough to get right up front in the pit. They have some incredible videos and experiences that they will never forget and have not stopped talking about since last night! While I originally intended to use their music to highlight some sort of character flaw in her personality, I discovered the character flaw was my own. These guys are legit. Not only as artists but as people. I have watched countless interview and funny videos on YouTube during my “research”. Even though I don’t know them personally, I get a good sense about the kind of people they both are. Tyler’s comments regarding the recent violence in Dallas prior to Trees was evidence of his heart and where he is coming from as a human being in this crazy world. Gracie and I now listen to them all the time together. The music, the band and the roadshow experience has only drawn us closer together. Their music has actually created another avenue for me to emotionally connect with Gracie and for that I owe these guys a debt I can never repay. We are already talking about going to several other shows this year. I am looking forward to doing that as much as anything in a long while. I could watch these guys 30 nights in a row and not get tired of their music and energy. I am so grateful for what they have done for my daughter and for our relationship, while probably unintentional on their part. I have read stories about how their music has saved lives. How some kids “have a really tough time getting through this life so excuse them while they sing to the sky”. I don’t doubt this to be true. Keep on rocking guys! We will see you many times in the future!


    A Fan For Life

    • Hi Michael! I’m 41 and took both my kids recently to a TØP show so you’re not alone. I too love these guys for many of the same reasons you do. Their messages and heart might be the number one reason, but they are so very talented and just rock…I’m so glad that music like this exists for our kids. “Is it time to move our feet to an introspective beat” – well I do think so. In an age where so much of the content for kids seems quick, funny and disposable – these guys do us all the service of focusing light where it’s needed, and being brave enough to be deep, dark and unguarded, helping struggling souls (i.e. everyone) know they’re not alone…and I’m grateful for that. Rock on.

    • Hi guys! Tyler and Josh, I love you. Can you save mine and my daughters heavy dirty souls. The last three years all my extra money has been going to help save my daughters life from heroin addiction. During this period in 2014 I was hit in my car at high speed by an 18 wheeler and suffered neuro damage. Had major surgery 12/24/15, 2 months off opiates….But it didn’t stop me from helping my daughter, picking her up off the streets, be it inLA, Palm Desert where ever she was in rehab and escaped to get more drugs. Well today she is clean and finally wants to be clean. I know addiction I’ve been in recovery since 1999. I know heroin kills, so I always kept her cell phone on and at a drop,of a dime would go get her and put her in hospitals and rehabs. Twice sent her out of state, did interventions, you name it, I did it. Since I have no extra money, I NEED to bring my GORGEOUS DAUGHTER to your concert. She hasn’t had any fun, except the beach in rehab for three years. If we could have 2 tickets I would LOVE TO BRING KAYLEE ANELA TO YOUR SHOW. Thank you, Balinda Gray 949-205-0116, Proove Medical Labs,, Inc. 15326 Atom Parkway, c/o Balinda Gray 949-205-0116, PS, I listen to your music every Monroe I G AMD all day on Pandora at work. Love you guys, Josh and Tyler! You Jam!

  139. Kynleigh Has Stayed Alive

    July 12, 2016 at 12:55 am

    Stay Street…Love you Top…..|-/ live each day as much as you can.

  140. Ryan Lucio "Blurryface 616"

    July 12, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    T.O.P. has changed my life, that they make this music, gives me hope, and let’s me know that others feel like me. It does me good to know how many people they have saved, or positively impacted with all these songs. Someday, I’d love to work with them, as i am a Lyracist and i think my writing style is pretty much exactly like Tyler’s. You never know, stranger things have happened. Sadly it is incredibly difficult to contact celebrities, especially to pitch selling lyrics. Just keep up the good work gentlemen, never stop being yourselves, and to everyone else that has benefited from this mutual understanding of these songs, our pain, and our survival though it, unifies us. We are One. Live Love, and just keep swimming.

  141. My 7 year old daughter LOVES twenty one pilots! Thought I would share her YouTube link playing “Stressed Out” on the drums from her Little Big Shots audition. She wants red hair like Josh now…

  142. Kynleigh Shae Angell

    July 13, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    Hello Everyone. My name Is Kynleigh. And I have Something To say…
    Everyone has a meaning
    Everyone has a feeling
    Everyone has a Purpose in life
    And that purpose in life is to
    Stay Alive |-/

    We all Love you…
    And we know you do…

    ……….JUST REMEMBER TO……….
    …|-/….|-/…STAY ALIVE|-/…|-/…

  143. Josh and tyler have helped me so much in the short time ive been in this fandom i guess you can say their music is the light in the dark parts of my mind, they made me realize my purpose in this world, to help others the same way they do. I want to help people stay alive I want to show people their not alone and they need to live on because thats what they did for me. They gave me hope they made feel alive again. Through all the pain all the sadness and suffering my mind has made me go through, through all the fake smiles and “mask” i put on everyday to show the world, family, and friends that im “okay” they have been there and im very grateful to be apart of the clique. Our brains are sick but thats okay. Stay strong and live on my frens |-/

  144. Hi,
    My name is Anna. When I
    was 15, I wanted to die.

    I woke up every morning, as if
    the entire world was weighing
    me down somehow and it was
    a struggle to get out of bed.
    “What’s the point?” I asked
    myself. “There is no fucking
    point.” I repeated each time.

    I went through cycles of deep
    sorrow, then anger, then
    crippling fear, then numbness,
    over and over again.
    Numbness was the worst of
    them all because I could
    barely remember what being
    alive felt like. I was a shell,
    watching my own life happen
    outside of my body.

    I didn’t recognise myself. I
    forgot how to feel. None of
    the things I used to enjoy lit
    a sark inside me anymore.
    It all felt too dark, too big.

    I felt lonely. Like I had no one
    to turn to. I felt like I was
    shouting into the void, and
    each and every own of my
    words vanished just as fast as
    they had been spoken. Does a
    life matter if no one’s around
    to see it fade away? I didn’t
    have enough inner strength to plan
    any some kind of suicide. I
    was just letting myself rot into
    oblivion instead. I had already
    accepted myself as dead. I had
    stopped trying to live.

    Now I’m 16. I woke up this morning and it was
    raining out. I drank my cup of coffee by
    the window and I felt okay. I still get bad
    days. I had one this past week.
    My journey was long and difficult. I still
    have nights where I stare at the ceiling at 2AM
    and feel a gigantic gaping hole in my ribcage.

    Yet, somehow, I can honestly say that
    staying alive was worth it. In these
    past 5 months, I have experienced some
    of the happiest moments in my entire existence.
    I don’t know if I would’ve believe such positive
    emotions could exist when I was 15. I learned to
    live again. I learned to enjoy living again.

    Staying alive is a decision you have to
    keep making every single day of your life.
    Some days, it’s harder. But it will always be
    the best decision you can make.
    Trust me.

    Beyond that, let’s just say that I
    was in a really bad place. I don’t know if
    I would have made it out if Twenty One
    Pilots weren’t there to give me a purpose.
    Stay strong, stay alive.
    It’s worth it, I promise.

  145. I am 3 weeks clean as of today from self harm, and without their music, it would be much worse but I know I have to keep going because things will get better.

  146. I first heard tøp when my brother sent me a link to tear in my heart. After that, well… I was sucked into the fandom as so many others were. This was not my first metaphorical rodeo seeing as I had already joined other “bandoms” such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, MCR, ect. The blend of electro, ukulele rap, and alternative rock confused me and almost dissuaded me from the band all together, but as I listened to the lyrics I found myself relating to them more and more. Mental illness runs in my family. My sister has sever depression and anxiety as well as ADD and ADHD, my dad has OCD, my mom and brother once again, have ADD and ADHD. It’s like my family was cursed by some witch, except curses can be broken and I don’t think we’re lucky enough for that. I’m the normal one. Of course not counting the fact that I’m bi. But of course keeping with the family curse I’m so deeply closeted I’ve already found Narnia. Aslan is dead and the White Witch prepares for battle. (maybe she was the one who cursed my family?) My parents argued frequently and my sister bordered on suicidal for most of my childhood. So I put on a mask I shaped myself into a perfect, quiet child who never rocked the boat and put others before herself. By doing so, I completely ignored my own mental and physical health. In seventh grade I was bullied and isolated in my last class so I would spend all day dreading it. As a result I fell into a deep depression that I told no one about. In eighth grade I became convinced that the only good thing about me was my skinniness so I started starving myself. (Ain’t middle school fun?) Tyler’s lyrics and vocals as well as Joshes bone shaking drum beats forced me to come to term and confront my demons. I’ve started slowly breaking out of my shell and I can now manage 1 sometimes 2 small meals a day. My sister is happy and healthy and is currently attending College and my parents no longer argue as often and have fixed their marriage. I may never fully defeat my demons but things are starting to look up for me (despite the curse) and I’m starting high school in August (why you gotta torture us in this way school board?) Finding the clique was like a comforting hug, kinda sad but also kinda hopeful. So I just wanted to say thank you and share my story as proof that we may be broken people but we keep on surviving anyways.

    |-/ stay street and more importantly stay alive

  147. The first time I heard Twenty One Pilots was when their song “Stressed Out” was playing on Q94. It instantly became one of my favorite songs that I was obsessed over. I eventually got their album “Blurryface” and listened to each track, letting the lyrics sink in. They say all my thoughts. They say all the things that I’ve tried to preach in the past that would trigger so many people to knock me down. Their music helped me realize how many hypocrites there really are in my life. It made me analyze so much of my life, making me realize how long anxiety has screwed me over so many times and how depression was there when I didn’t realize it. Their music is so versatile and so honest that whenever I’m in the car, it’s my go to music. I want truth. I want honesty. I want to be able to say whatever I wanna say and I’m able to do that with their music.

  148. So, what to say? First of all I am from Spain so my english is not really well.
    Well, I can say that TOP is my favorite band, I can say that I love their music, that I listen to them all day, that I know all their songs, that I have seen all their interviews, that I even dream with them, but this is not enough, because they save me. What can you say to someone who save your life??? I went into all this darkness (and still sometimes) and they just keep me into this world, they gave me the encourage to fight my demons, they saw me that I was not alone and they keep doing it. They are so so so so important to me, because without them there would be no a me.

  149. They saved me and I couldn’t be happier to be alive today.

  150. i don’t want to go on too long but here’s my story…
    the summer before eighth grade was when I was starting to sink into depression. I was so confused about it, as there was no apparent cause, and ended up confessing to my Latin professor that I was cutting, that I wanted to kill myself, and how frustrated I was that I had to constantly act cheerful around my classmates when my mind was warping and growing darker. Of course he went to my parents and that resulted in me in a mental hospital. They told me I had ‘clinical’ depression-Severe Depressive Disorder- and sent me home to a therapist I hated and medication that didn’t work; although I finally quit cutting.
    I briefly improved but then it became apparent to everybody that I was going downhill again. Some mornings I couldn’t find the motivation to get out of bed, and twice my professor drove to my house in the middle of the night to talk me out of suicide. I began to develop social anxiety- sick of faking happy in front of people, facing large groups or even certain friends would induce panic attacks, tears, and hyperventilating. I quit therapy, started on new medication, and was sent to another mental hospital after another planned suicide attempt. It wasn’t much help; I began cutting and eraser burning after being released.
    then one day I heard Stressed Out on the radio. I liked it but I kept hearing about twenty one pilots and seeing people wearing blurryface tshirts. One day i looked them up. I won’t lie, Josh scared me off.
    when Ride came out on the radio I had to admit that I liked their vibe… I decided to give them another shot and after hearing Lane Boy I was hooked. I tore through Vessel, copied lyrics by hand and googled lyric meanings. I was devastated to find out that Tyler was married (but consoled myself that Josh is available !!!) I remember a particularly rough patch when I was up at four am listening to music. I heard Guns for Hands for the first time and when I looked up the lyrics I started bawling my eyes out. It was embarrassing.
    I’ve quit hurting myself since, and the meds I’m on now (naltrexone and effexor) have worked pretty well so far, no nasty side effects. I’m still struggling, especially with self image and eating because I’m scared that I’m anorexic. I’m in therapy now and while its hard to keep track of why i am staying alive sometimes, tyler, josh and the rest of the skeleton clique are my number one reason to be alive…thank you frens and STAY ALIVE!!! it is a million times more reassuring to have a roomful of depressed people screaming that their heads are screwed up but thats okay, than one person saying ‘it’ll be okay”. I love my clique so much and im proud to be part of it thanks frens!!!!!!

  151. Ever since my friend told me to listen to their songs my life has been changed. I have only been part of the #SkeletonClique for about a month now, but I have become a super fan very quickly. I’ve spent nights and days just looking up things about them, listening to a song, then googling the lyrics and meaning of the song and I can’t tell you all what joy it brought to me to learn Josh and Tyler are both Christians. I love their subtle messages about their beliefs and faith in their songs, as a Christian myself, but to also speak to everyone through their music. I am not a person that has gone through those dark places, as many of you have, but I have cried many happy tears watching the impact these two people have had on millions of people, such as yourselves, and ultimately saving so many lives that might otherwise not be here anymore. I can’t believe what an incredible fan group of people they have, not only here in America, but all around the world (#SkeletonClique). To see where they came from, and what they’ve gone through is just such a testimony for them, as well as all of you, to keep going, and to keep pushing on and moving forward; to stay alive! Josh and Tyler’s brotherly love for one another is my absolute favorite, and one that I seek out in all my friendships. It is so incredibly refreshing to see how much they truly love one another almost as much as we all love them.
    I haven’t experienced the same struggles as all of you guys have, but I pray for each one of you every day, and I pray for all the people that will ever listen to twenty one pilots music and will impact their lives as it has for us. Most importantly, I pray for Tyler and Josh as they go through the same things we do, and share it with us in brilliant lyrics, with not one word going unthought of.
    And always remember,
    stay alive, my friends.


  152. When I first got around to 6th grade, I had a friend who had exposed me to Car Radio. As I do with many bands, I’ll listen to one or two songs, and then just leave the rest, but, as I started to listen to the couple of songs, I had been exposed to, I craved more music. So, I listened to it, and listened, and listened, until I could recite every word, but that wasn’t enough for me. I started getting into the deeper, emotional meanings of the songs, and that’s when they actually started to help me. I never owned the entirety of Vessel or Regional At Best, but the songs I did have changed my outlook on the world. They helped me to understand that the world, as you see it, will be cruel, but you have to just push on, and keep fighting. I remember one night, during my eighth grade year, I was on the verge of cutting myself, and I had music playing, but, in the background, I heard Migraine, and it sparked a realization. If I let these things get to me, then they will eventually just lead to inevitable death. It was a wake up call to start trying to find a better place in the world, a place where I wouldn’t let those things get to me.

    Skip forward about a year to the release of BlurryFace. I had heard about it on Facebook from some of my friends, but, as I had always done, I preferred to stick to what I knew, so I passed on getting the album the first time around. After that, I heard Stressed Out on the radio, and in hearing that, I realized that, in a way, BlurryFace was something that I had been used to. It was another rendition of Tyler’s stories about his struggles, but this time, with the interesting twist of him singing about BlurryFace. I ended up buying the album, and I discovered how easily relatable it was. The aspect of the dual personality was something that stuck out to me when I first started listening to the album. And, in a way, they did kind of save my life by creating Migraine.

    I have so much love for twenty one pilots, and all I want is to see them succeed.
    The only bad thing was that I missed the concert that was near me, but, that’s my own fault.

    I love these guys, I love the work that they do, especially making music catered to a younger audience who is right in the middle of deciding where they were in life.

    Sincerely, Aaron

  153. The girl I love brought me to Twenty Øne Piløts. She showed me songs like Stressed Out, Ride, Tear In My Heart and Guns for Hands. Those songs seemed to really speak to me in their own way. So in the weeks following I “did my research” and immediately fell in love with their music and lyrics. I am a Christian. So when I found out that Tyler and Josh were Christian as well it made me feel so good to know these people are saved and have relationship with Jesus. It’s funny cos I kinda thought they were because their lyrics just ringed (some) believers relationships with a God we love but hurt so much. They put this complexity into their song so well. And at the same time their songs can be so meaningful to even those who are yet to find Christ. I think I’ve said enough…sorry
    Stay Alive•Stay with Christ

    • I am a Christian, too, and can totally relate to what you’re saying! I also love looking at Tyler and Jenna’s relationship and just seeing how blessed they are to have found one another and to still have such a God-centered relationship! This band has changed my life and every time I hear new underlying meanings to their songs I get so much more excited by their Christian faith showing through! I also liked your send off there: Stay Alive, Through Christ :) |-/

  154. i just feel the need to write about them. its not that late rn, but its 1am and i have finished watching my concert video which was in a lollapalooza festival in march. of course, i am crying.
    i wont say that the guys have saved my life. they are just maintaining me alive. i am still not okay, i dont think we will ever be able to be 100% okay.
    they did change my life though. their music looks so different from the outside, and you discover so much more on the inside of it.
    Tyler and Josh are both such charismatic people. they are so warm hearted, and kind, and talented, i admire them so much. they started out with so little and ended up with so many. Im filled with emotions when i listen to them.
    Tylers speeches and song lyrics make my world turn. any tyler and josh cant be found anywhere. they are one of the few humans who actually have a warm heart. i dont really know what else to say its just impossible to describe what i feel about them. josh and tyler, you are not only artists but you are also healers. I love you so much and i dont know how to express my feelings towards you both because they are so deep and unexplainable. thank you for making my life different. |-/

  155. When I first came across tøp, by total accident, I was immediately mesmerized. Something about the beat, the notes, the words, all resonated with my very soul. (Stressed out was the first song I heard and it was the music video. I loved hearing someone vocalize how I felt about being an adult…stressed out). I’ve always struggled with feelings of inferiority and depression. Dark thoughts are not strangers to my mind. I expect personal perfection and I always fall short. It’s all been heard…right? Well, I’m a 40 year old mother of 3. I’ve had postpartum depression that was worse than any depressing thoughts I had before motherhood. Every day I have to tell myself it’s a new day, another opportunity to be more than I was the day before. Tøp’s message to create is a saving principle. Create happy thoughts. Create kind deeds. Create love in a child’s world. Create healing words. Create art in all its forms. I introduced tøp to my daughters. Why? Because I hoped that hearing their music would give my girls an inside glimpse into their mother’s mind and also experience music that is truly inspired and inspiring. Tyler and Josh have gifts and I’m grateful they share them with the world…my world.

  156. Alright…well, I’ve been through some stuff, just like anyone else. I don’t really know what to say other than Tyler and Josh are my oxygen. Those guys are really the only thing keeping me here, alive. I’ve had suicidal thoughts since I was young, because of some stuff that I had gone through. For years those thoughts burdened me until I finally decided I was going to do it. Luckily, I wasn’t able to follow through with my plan. A few months later, I discovered what is now my lifeline; a band called Twenty One Pilots. They gave me purpose. They gave me that one reason to get up in the morning and to live and breathe and yes, smile. I know that whatever I go through, I’ll have Tyler and Josh by my side. If I had the chance to personally thank them both, I don’t even think I would actually be able to express my gratitude for all they’ve done for me. But I know that they understand. They understand how thankful we are as fans and as friends to have them in our lives. I never want to think about letting go again.
    My Heroes. My Light. My Strength. Twenty One Pilots
    Stay alive, frens l-/

  157. Tyler and Josh helped me so much. I have been depressed over a year and when my friend introduced them to me I fell in love with them. They kept me alive and I don’t know how to put in words, but they make me feel like I have a purpose on this earth. They make me smile when I feel stressed or depressed. Their music helps so much I can’t put into words. I just don’t know what to say honestly. I might not have been in this fandom or the clique for very long, but they helped me not to kill myself.
    stay alive |-/

  158. a letter to twentyønepiløts,
    I’ve tried to keep this letter short, but however long it ended up, bear with me. It’s difficult to sum up what this band has done for me. I love your music, your message, and your personalities, and I thought I’d share with you some thoughts from an overdramatic, seldom ecstatic teen. I’ve heard you describe your songs as juxtapositions of Tyler’s dark vocals and Josh’s upbeat, sunshiny drumming. I first fell in love with your band for this unique sound and way of presenting your songs. You step away from being defined by any structure or template that may exist, bridging together genres in albums and even in single songs. You spread the message that it’s okay to be different and shovel your own path through the blizzard-filled winter that is life. After amusing myself with the presentation of your message, the songs became fun to learn, challenging myself to master the difficult raps and melodies in songs such as Kitchen Sink, March To The Sea, Migraine, Guns For Hands, and Ode To Sleep. After countless hours of singing every word, I still hear different things for the first time. The happy-sounding melodies had hidden parts of your songs’ messages, and those messages slowly began to reveal themselves to me. By letting each phrase sink into my mind, I learn new interpretations of the lyrics and picture more clever figments of your imagination. Uncovering each layer of metaphor leads me to feel this indescribable emotional response to your artwork. By analyzing my reaction, I learn more about myself. I suffer from depression, feelings of hopelessness, and anxiety, and your own experiences and insecurities cause your music to resonate with me like no other music can. Whenever I contemplate self-harm, your encouraging-yet-truthful lyrics often lessen the severity of my actions, or talk me out of them altogether. You sing of things often contemplated but seldom discussed, and these heavy topics need to be addressed. Every day I continue to discover this music and discover myself. In making me feel as though I am not alone and letting me know that I have a right to feel what I feel, your band has saved my life. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true. You have helped so many people get through their darkest days. Your lyrics aren’t for everyone, and only few understand, but those who do are forever grateful. I know I am. Never stop doing what you’re doing. However the clique continues to grow and evolve, stay true to your message. Keep letting us into the battlefield that is your mind while you combat your demons and in turn hold off ours as well. Thank you for everything.
    Stay alive,

  159. I only started listening to you guys this year, and already I can honestly say you are my new favorite band. I instantly fell in love when I picked one of your songs off a playlist, and I’m a very picky person when it comes to music. First it was “Stressed Out,” then it was “Car Radio.” I tore into your albums after hearing all your top hits. Each song is a piece of art.

    It hit me. Hard. Your lyrics..they really tear at my soul, but in the best way imaginable. You scream out into the sky to set your pain free, for all to hear
    That’s your purpose, at least in my view, to shout for others.

    I feel that you were created to inspire; to motivate; to push others to their potential without even physically meeting them. I can’t really explain it. It’s so simple, yet so not; almost spiritual, if you believe in that sort of thing. You are the example to be; you define yourself as simply: you. You use no labels, bare no restrictions, avoid limiting yourself to anything. This is what people need: encouragement, inspiration, hope. You are such a strong person to bare your vulnerability to the world the way you do with your words, and I have tremendous respect for it. The truthfulness in it all, the rawness, it’s all so real. We need that.

    I do not know you, nor have I met you, but I feel like we are somehow, connected. Not just you and I; everyone who follows you; all of us who love and adore you and your music; I can’t help but to feel, no, believe, we are all as one in the same level of love and understanding. Is that such a strange thing to believe?

    I went to the Emotional Roadshow and saw you guys this August. I’m not exaggerating when I say this: it changed me in a way I could never put into words. It just doesn’t make any sense when I try to explain it, so I’m just going to say this; after the show, I sat and cried in my car for a solid hour. This relief was different…supernatural, it felt. You healed me from a very deep childhood wound that’s crushed me, tried to take my life, and bring me down all these years. I know this sounds so strange coming from a stranger. It sounds absolutely absurd. But it’s real. I want to thank you. You hold a light that I feel is changing the world for the better.

    Just thank you. Thank you so much. For everything. For existing. I’m so thankful for you guys. I have never felt this light in a long time. It’s as if a smothering weight I’ve carried all my life is gone. Thanks to you. I cannot explain what exactly happened, but it did.

    Again…thank you. Please continue to be you. You’re incredible.

    a humble fan.

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