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  1. In the past 8 days I have had 5 people close to me die. All older. The song, Mis Believer perfectly describes not only each of the 5 but also my own current life, my wife (my own Mis Believer) and my parrents. The song describes the bittersweet truth of life and love and hope as we all grow older. The song has spoken loudly to me over the past few days. It has been a warm, comfortable couch upon which I have curled up and cried and hoped and cried and hoped yet more. At 61 years of age, 21 Pilots has brought a revival of sorts to the tent of my own mind. And the snow on the rooftop has melted. So…if you see and old bald guy at a 21 Pilots concert and he is seriously getting it on in his own world, it just might be me.

    • Gabriel Cordero

      June 14, 2014 at 9:46 pm

      Hello, Mr. Mike, well, I don’t really know where to start. I have to say that I’m very inspired by your story, it seems magnificent to me that at your age (with all the respect) you still give the chance to yourself to feel and live even if life is hard. I’m only 17 years old, I have so much to learn, and my story with Twenty One Pilots is just that I connected with them in a way I hadn’t before with any other artist or person. It’s awesome that I’m not the only one, thank you for giving me hope. Stay street… :D

      • Me too, im only 13 but this song makes me think and really inspires me. Nobody at my school or my friends know this band, they just think its weird, but there lyrics make me feel so alive! – power to the local dreamer! |-/

      • Gabriel, you’re not alone. Nobody in this fandom is alone. We’re all here to support and care for each other.

    • Elizabeth Pigram

      June 8, 2015 at 8:22 pm

      That made me cry. You are a strong soul. I hope to see you at a Twenty One Pilots concert one day. Stay strong my warrior xx

  2. What was Tyler going through when he wrote blasphemy? Has he given up?

    • i’ve always thought blasphemy was about him doubting the existence of god and not feeling like a good christian. the definition of blasphemy is ‘the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things’ and the lyrics kind of go with that, i think.

  3. The song Fall Away is one of my favorites. I listen to it all the time because, well, it speaks my feelings in a way better than I can. I suffer from schizophrenia, and to be “normal” I more often than not have to hide it from the rest of the world. In order to do this I have to just keep everything bottled up inside. My everyday reality is just me trying to ignore everything I hear, feel, and see in fear that others may not sense it, or that I’ll be judged. Listening to the song usually makes me cry, but that’s a good thing. This band is such a huge part of my life now. Every song I listen to makes me cry, whether out of joy or sorrow, but solely because the lyrics give me the chance to tell myself how I feel and to know that I can go on with my life. This band saved me.

    • “… because the lyrics gave me the chance to tell myself how I feel…” YES!! Exactly!

      Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but Boba, you described my thought exactly. I’m a mom of a teen with anxiety & depression issues, and as much as Tyler Joseph has helped her, he has also helped me in identifying my own emotions. I also have anxiety issues and always denied it, or tried to ignore it. After hearing- no, LISTENING to twenty one pilots, finding deeper meanings to each song, and still deeper meanings every time I listen, I have been given the chance to tell myself how I really feel, and who I really am. And this has become a daily process for me.

      I’m 46, so not quite caught up with Mike ^ up there (rock on, Dude!), but these lyrics say something to many generations, proving that, as much as we are all unique individuals, we are still all the same. Emotional, messed up, searching for purpose, searching for God so that we know we are not alone.

      I’ve been a Christian since I was 11, knowing I’m saved by Christ, and taking up my cross daily. And now (but not to compare), Tyler Joseph’s songs have become my anthems. I’ve never done self-harm in a physical sense, but I realized I had been destroying myself emotionally for years. I’ve heard people say, “They saved my life!” But truly, they just helped me to save me from myself at a time when I denied that I even needed saving.

      I love how Tyler and Josh consider the fan base “the clique” as one of them. “We are twenty one pilots and so are you!” My best description of this is that we are all one body. Tyler Joseph is the voice, speaking the truths that nobody else has the courage to, Josh Dun is the heartbeat, and we are all the rest.

  4. I have recently been studying the song Goner and how it shows such a development in their personal lives and as an act. I think that it is incredibly important to look at this song in the context of the pre-Vessle version. In this version (music video on YouTube) we find Twenty one Pilots in a place where they don’t know if their music will reach a great audience (haven’t been signed yet) and their inner demons (later called Blurryface) tell them they aren’t good enough and that they won’t make it in the music business. The Blurryface edition of the song adds verses and musical power that completely reverse the song from sounding defeated and uncertain to confident and hopeful. Visit my blog for my full analysis, a link to the old video, and links and quotes from their reddit comments about the song.

  5. hi, i was wondering if you had any info on Ruby, the girl that Tyler sung about (On Regional at Best). That would be lit, since I have always loved the song. Thank ya, stay street.

    • MainstreamRebel

      January 19, 2016 at 6:37 pm

      Blasphemy: I’m questioning you, “god”

      dollhouse: put on your happy face and don’t speak of your doubts.

      Drown: but I need to question because it doesn’t make sense…it doesn’t allow me to be a free thinker…I’m losing myself.

      Falling too: trying to please the mainstream…trying to fit in…even though I know it will mean the death of my individuality.

      Hear me now: self explanatory

      Hole in the Ground: if I have to live a life following the masses I’m gonna “kill myself”. This is in quotes because it’s metaphorical, kill myself. Like saying, “you’re all driving me crazy, get some balls, so to speak”!!!

      I want to know: why is society this way? Praising conformity. Chastising individuality?

      Just like yesterday: like it’s been for as long as there has been recorded history.

      Never change: keeping old ideas and beliefs, never adapting to an ever changing world.

      Prove me wrong: I’m not saying your wrong…but prove that I am. Prove that I am incorrect to have an alternate theory.

      Realize that it’s gone: I’m done believing what I’m told to. And I worry about others following that line.

      I stopped there…I actually haven’t even listened to the song yet. But I believe that it is essentially the same as all of his other songs that question following “authority”/masses blindly.

  6. Stay Alive all of you… talk to me if you need anything |-/

  7. Ode To Sleep is my personal saving song, when I need inspiration, or if I feel alone and hated, I listen to this.
    Trees is the song I keep close to my heart. It can be taken into context with more than 1 of my life scenarios, and I keep it as my forever favorite.
    Tyler Joseph, or Josh Dun, or both of you. If you ever read this, thank you for pushing me forward into life. I am one of the few who understand. Power to the clique!

  8. I love twenty one pilots, I discovered them one day after my dad went crazy and literally threw a plate at me and my mother.
    I love you josh and tyler

  9. hey my name is sindy , and i love twenty one pilots there is many reasons why i feel like i can relate to their music in may different ways whenever im down i always think about killing myself i ask myself ”hey whats the point of life nobody likes you, not even your parents nobody” i honestly feel like i am not worth nothing , yk ? i feel like running away forever many of you go trough the same thing ik im not the only one and thats what hurt me the most that many of you are so amazing and have ppl that love you but you think there isnt , anyways i feel like ppl think im trying to get attention but hey its not like that , whenever im sad i post about in social media bc i just wanna express my feelings , and then ppl start texting me saying everything is going to be okay, hey how do you know everything is going to be okay , its not easy for me even do i have been trough the same thing like 100 times each time it hurts me even more , i never post about harming myslef bc ik people are going to judge me , but some of my ppl know since they have seen the scars , “stop harming yourself’ listen ik ur trying to help but you just cant tell someone to stop cutting , you just cant stop telling someone to stop crying every nigth , anywyas im almost done lol so yeah i enjoy listening to twenty one pilots bc i just love them a lot , i feel like everyone should listen to them , take a moment to yourslef put ur headphones on and listening to all the deep words that the song actually has , thank you guys if you made it to the end i love you lots , I-/ STAY ALIVE ,

  10. okay, I read through a lot of these comments and first of all I’d like to say that I’ve stumbled upon this site many times, and every time I find it I feel I need to write something. Second, I’d like to thank ALL of you for commenting. even if you were just saying what you’ve been through in your life, it helps others to know they aren’t the only ones that have problems. I’m glad that there is a place like this where all kinds of broken people can talk about their brokenness and lift each other up because we all like the same, extreamely inspiring music. Twenty One Pilots has helped me and so many other people with so many things. I’ve never heard of any other group that has not only such a great sound, but such inspirational, encouraging and meaningful lyrics. And now thanks to one man’s decision to stay alive, thousands of other people are making the same decision because they found strength in his life and actions. now, because of him, we can all help each other in the same way. I don’t know about you, but I think that the story of Twenty One Pilots is just as, and maybe more, inspiring as it’s music. don’t give up. you’ll find a meaning someday soon. someone really does care. you really are amazing. keep going. you’re perfect the way you are. no, you aren’t stupid, ugly, annoying, wierd, useless, worthless, pointless, too fat, too skinny, too imperfect, too perfect, too noisy, too quiet, alone, or too anything or too not anything. don’t give up. you are here for a reason and you are perfect, beautiful, fun, amazing, talented, fun to be around and anything else you wish you could hear someone honestly say. please don’t doubt a single word I’ve just said and think, “but they don’t know me so they cant possibly mean that.” I honestly do. I want every one to know that they are made perfectly, they are here for a purpose and there is nothing wrong with them. I don’t care if ive never met and and quite possibly never will. you are still a living creature on this planet and deserve a smile and the knowledge that you do have a meaning and a purpose. promise me this, and never break this promise because you will be breaking so many people’s hearts if you don’t stay true to your word, stay alive. I-/

    • ^please read that if you are close to leaving or have been feeling down lately. please read it all the way through also. I actually encouraged myself writing that and it takes a lot to encourage me. go. read it. please. you need to.

    • 3am and I needed this..

  11. It’s taken me a long time to fully delve into Twenty One Pilots. At first, I heard Guns for Hands and listened to that exclusively. It’s hard for me to broaden my horizons and like new music. Then, I hear Car Radio and Kitchen Sink. It’s spread to the point where I know most of their songs from every album, but there are still a few holdouts that for some reason I’m reluctant to listen to. Clear was one of those songs, but that changed today. I ran out of skips on Pandora, so I decided to listen to it. I know that the song is very religious in nature, but being a non-religious person myself (at least at the present), I tried to find my own meaning in it. This was what I came up with:

    Tyler is singing about how he has two sides to his life: one where he is very up front and open, and one where is he more sly and manipulative with how he gets what he wants (similar to the religious context, he is either overtly praising God or masking it with metaphors in his songs). He debates being honest with the people he loves, because he’s afraid that they will think he’s a monster for what he does when certain sides take over.

    Obviously, the chorus is singing about God’s forgiveness for what we’ve done. I interpreted it as this: we are what we are, and everything we do shapes who we are. Even if we’re truly ashamed of something we do (even if we didn’t have control over it), it’s a part of who we are. Then, he sings about how he bounces around looking for acceptance despite what he’s done, and he finally finds it.

    The second verse is singing about he’s trying to get people to really think about who they are. Are they going to let their dark deeds control them, or are they going to face who they are and become a better person (religious context: obviously he wants to get people thinking about their faith, and that he wants people to truly challenge themselves when they think about).

    The end of the song, from a religious perspective, is obviously saying “This is who I am, I’m a Christian, I love God, I want to spread his love, but I know that you will resist.” For me, personally, this part is all about finally opening up to people and facing the consequences of doing so. It’s only a matter of time before too much honesty will crush them.

    Some background as to why I interpreted it like this: my own struggle with mental illness has taken many twists and turns. Whether it’s been depression that manifests in rage, anxiety attacks stemming from trying to suppress the rage, or psychosis, I’ve really struggled for the majority of my life (though the psychosis and anxiety attacks are relatively recent). It got the point that I tried to project everything negative about my condition onto something else, which resulted in Bublezeeb. Unfortunately, the combination of this and my psychosis led to it attaching to myself and forming an identity of its own. This identity truly hurts people, and I’m afraid to be honest with people about it. So, when I hear this song, I think about what Bublezeeb has become, and it gives me a little more courage to finally be honest with people about the whole me, not just the version of me I want them to see.

    It may sound crazy or weird, but it’s just the unfortunate situation I’ve landed myself in. Looking forward to abusing Clear as much as I did Kitchen Sink and Message Man over the past few months. |-/

  12. I discovered Twenty One Pilots just over a few months ago. They are a true inspiration and I love them heaps :) Their originality, ruthlessness, honesty, passion and talent is what keeps me so connected and in love with them. :) All my friends don’t know or like Twenty One Pilots and I’m desperate to find another fan like you guys :) I am lucky enough to be going to the Reading Festival on Friday, 26th of August, where I will see Twenty One Pilots and many others perform. Twenty One Pilots have helped me gain the courage to sing/perform at an Eisteddfod (I love singing but am very self-conscious..) and I’d love to hear what they have helped you with :) I think being able to discuss thoughts about their songs and such with fellow fans is a really good idea. |-/ <3

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  14. My son of 12 has early onset Bi-polar and recently had a low period. He was having trouble with a kid at his school and he said he clenched his fists and walked away and sang Stressed Out to himself and told himself he doesn’t care what “they” think and it calmed him and helped him! He sits in my car everyday listening to your Mr Blurry Face CD full blast. Thank-you for soothing our souls!

  15. Be concerned is an amazing song and although Tyler is “Christian” and am a “muslim” but I can still relate because no matter what what different things we believe in there is still moments of doubts and I feel like tyler expsess everythig i feel towards my life and my belief ❤
    Twenty one Pilots is an amazing band, who inspires and helps a lot of people.
    SATY ALIVE |-/

  16. Sadly, I only now just discovered them. I guess I was living under a rock. These guys are so talented and don’t need anything. They’re perfectly imperfect. They’re so cerebral, ethereal, hypnotic, real, multifaceted, and original. I can’t compare them to anyone really. They have subtle similarities to others but they’re truly unique. I’m blown away.

  17. That’s cool! I caught on right before Blurryface released in May. I learned from an animation for migraine my friend sent me, then got into their other songs.

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