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March to the Sea

March to the sea

There’s miles of land in front of us
And we’re dying with every step we take
We’re dying with every breath we make
And I’ll fall in line

A stranger’s back is all I see
He’s only a few feet in front of me
And I’ll look left and right sometimes
But I’ll fall in line

No one looks up anymore
‘Cause you might get a raindrop in your eye
And Heaven forbid they see you cry
As we fall in line

And about this time every year
The line will go to the ocean pier
And walk right off into the sea
And then we fall asleep

And as we near the end of land
And our ocean graves are just beyond the sand
I ask myself the question
Why I fall in line

Then out of the corner of my eye
I see a spaceship in the sky
And hear a voice inside my head:
Follow me instead

Then the wages of war will start
Inside my head with my counterpart
And the emotionless marchers will chant the phrase:
This line’s the only way

And then I start down the stand
My eyes are focused on the end of land
But again the voice inside my head says,
Follow me instead

Take me up, seal the door
I don’t want to march here anymore
I realize that this line is dead
So I’ll follow You instead

So then You put me back in my place
So I might start another day
And once again I will be
In a march to the sea


  1. Uh hi you said first ten comments get a s/o I’ve probably missed that but oh well. I have lots of art on my Instagram page ( andrew_pilotsofthetardis_21 ) so check that. Out if you want

  2. I feel like this song means how we can choose our path, our destiny. Take the beach for an example, what do you see? A little sand, and a lot of ocean. Tyler says that the line starts walking toward the ocean, on the sand. Everyone is so caught up in everything that the world is making them do, or deceiving them into thinking; that they never realize where they’re heading to. Tyler will also resemble the ocean as death, or/or a grave. “Then we fall asleep.” Basically saying that you’ve lost your battle. Done. Gone. And then when they had said that no one looks up anymore, because you’d get a raindrop in your eye? I think that this lyric means that looking up, ((to heaven)) you’d be given the water of life, or God spoke to you and it made you change your mind and sorta make you think, “Where am I going? And why am I living like this..?” This makes it a choice~ and the choice is ours….. ((Sorry if this doesn’t line up to your interpretation of what you think the song means)) :D

  3. To me, this song is a critique on society and staying on a path that’s not your own. Here, Tyler marches with the crowd, “asleep” as though he is not consciously deciding to follow. Later on, he tries to exercise free will with the voice in his head saying “follow me instead.” He is trying to make his own path in his atypical music and sound, but ultimately here he is put back in his place. This has an interesting idea of lack of free will and a rigid predestined path we are all meant to follow. To me, this song serves as an encouragement to go off the beaten path. What about you guys?

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