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  1. Noctilucent clouds are clouds that can only be seen in the darkest of nights. They’re the brightest of all others, and so they cannot be seen in the day. They’re also the furthest up… The closest to heaven.
    So when you’re in your darkest corner, and all alone. When you feel like you have no one anymore. You always have a choice. You can continue to stare into the night sky and live inside the hell you’ve been thrust into. Or you can avert your eyes heavenward towards the beauty that exists in every situation.
    Remember the noctilucence.

    Here are two songs I wrote that exemplify what I’m talking about here.
    The first is about the demons I’ve faced and how I’ve gotten over them. It’s a bit like Ode To Sleep.
    The second is about how we all feel like no one else is depressed or alone or terrified to wake up another second. It talks about self-harm and suicidal thoughts and self-deprecation. But we can all lean on each other. We all can find someone, and if you don’t have someone, you have me.
    Stay alive, clique. I love you all.

    • Good Afternoon,

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    • your songs are incredible. the lyrics really touched me. and it totally sounds like something tyler would sing. i wish i had your talent-youre truly blessed.

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