I first got into twenty one pilots around a year ago. Listening to their message about creating and inspiring made me want to get up and change what I was doing. We began doing photo shoots, and the pictures we took, would be later edited with lyrics. Some time after, I decided to take editing to the next level and try photoshop. It allowed me to expand the horizons of my artistic mind. Twenty one pilots is a band that changes lives, and makes me want to do the same. Ultimately, that jumpstarted this website. My dad and I wanted to create a place where fans can talk, create, inspire, and help others. Stay Street |-/



I also began listening to twenty one pilots around one year ago. Being the father of Allie, I often have to endure her music on car rides, especially long ones. On one particular ride, on the way to a camping trip, she in sited on playing her “new favorite band” the whole way up and back. At first I was apprehensive… who would want to listen to a teenager’s music for 8 hours? But after a few songs, tears were streaming down my face. The words actually meant something. We bonded over music, and I want to support in any way I can. If that means spending hours on a website, then so be it. Special thanks from the Parent Clique!