Twenty One Pilots Fansite is a place where all twenty one pilots fans will be able to connect with each other, share their stories and song meanings, edit and post pictures, and work together to create something amazing. Our mission is really quite simple. We want the same thing that Josh and Tyler want: to make people think. This band has changed so many lives and we are here to fuel the flame that has been created.

Stay strong, live on, and power to the local dreamer. |-/


Story of the Month
Submitted by: Andrew

Tyler and Josh: he and him.
Take a Second and Think.
Lets pretend for a second, if only for the slightest, and think. Yes think. Don’t blink, just think, think about all of the stuff going on around us. The drugs, the punks, the fuss. Think about how, if you don’t do anything, dont shout, just stay home to pout, how nothing would change. Not your name, not your fame. Not the waining hope in us. Plus, the crap in the world would remain unchanged, lives going to waste with not but a single taste, of what it’s like, to sit peacefully on a bike. Just appreciating life! Not worrying, not stressing over what people think of you, not thinking of what to do to look cool, to fit in. Because why does it matter. Who do you want to flatter. Just for a moment don’t think about the latter. Think about what’s the matter and how the mad hatter is as mad as ever thinking he is clever. Oh but never did he see. The one, the little one, the one who was forever to be, to be the savior of you and me. He heard, and answered our plea, answered when we were in the most need. When we were running out of blood to bleed. He didnt think the always thought thoughts, he thought new thoughts, thoughts worth thinking. New and improved, the one that was once removed came back. That’s a fact, and it wasn’t an act. He gathered a friend, and made amends. He made it, the only it worth over a little bit. After the one, the faithful first one, the rest followed. Followed one after another, hoping to discover a new perspective, a new elective. The broken, the lost, the ripped to pieces. all of them and their innocent little nieces.Changing them he began to change them all. The darkness will eventually fall, leaving him and them, the ones who put the hem on life, on the world, on society! It’s changed now and everyone can finally see, what the truth is, what they were meant to be, WHO they were meant to be. They can finally see, so how about we, follow them. We are close, we can smell it on our nose. So us followers of him and his friend, lets gain followers, and stay strong until the very end.

Sorry for lack of grammer, the thoughts were sort if just pouring out if you know what I mean.